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Station 34: grilled chicken, anticuchos, ceviche and more in the new food court overlooking the Lima metro

Every time we can find more themed restaurants in Lima. Some are inspired by Japanese culture, the African jungle and are even inspired by 2D drawings. But, have you ever thought that they could be inspired by the subway? That’s right, Estación 34 is a new space that is committed not only to taking elements from the classic train station, but also to combining them with a varied gastronomic offer. Advantage visited its premises on Av. Aviación and here we tell you all about the different proposals that you can find.

station 34 It is a young proposal, which was born about three months ago. It is a space that is committed to gastronomic variety, which seeks to present the best of Peruvian cuisine through six brands that have come together in the same place. It is a group of partners who are specialized in each area of ​​cuisine, which allows great quality and flavor in each of the dishes.

The three-story venue has spacious and comfortable spaces for a few people or larger groups. They also have a small terrace. pet-friendly on the first floor. Best of all, the dynamics allow the same table to enjoy the different brands without having to move, everything is delivered to the table by the service team.

Another of its attractions is the concept of a train station. In its decoration we can find some clues to the concept, such as the seats similar to benches on the platform, the industrial style of the space and, finally, through its large windows that have a direct view of the Lima Metro you can see the electric train from time to time.

From breakfast to dinner

In addition to the innovativeness of the place, Station 34 stands out for its food offer. One of the brands that we can find is the bellieswhich offers delicious and forceful peruvian sandwiches such as sausage, chicharrón or roast beef. But, they also offer other options such as hamburgers, chicken sandwiches and juices. We tried the club sandwich with fries and we can assure you that it is strong, delicious and well prepared. The bread came toasted on the outside and soft on the inside, it had the precise point of salt and the size is perfect to enjoy it.

To continue with the lunch hour Kombo File is the ideal option. Here you will find wok dishesIn addition to the classic grilled chicken with your personal touch. To start, you can enjoy wings with different flavors, salads or sausages -served with delicious and crispy yellow potatoes-. In the background, they offer options such as lomo saltado, fettuccine Alfredo and even mushroom risotto. We tried their section of Las Brasas, which presents a delicious grilled chicken and we accompany it with French fries and chaufa -you can order it as mostrito-. The chicken came out crispy and juicy inside, the chaufa was full of flavor and the homemade creams are almost addictive.

If you are a lover of seafood, 7 ports It is your indicated place. Here you can find from acevichados makis, to causes with different fillings, pork rinds and, of course, its inevitable ceviche. On this occasion, we tried the seafood spring rolls, some delicious and crispy rolls filled with a mixture of seafood with a succulent sauce. As expected, we also enjoyed a trio consisting of fish ceviche, rice with seafood and pork rinds. The fish was cooked to perfection, with just the right amount of lemon.

For lunch, it’s Station Coffeewhich offers different options of coffee, empanadas and delicious desserts to enjoy a good sweet. You can find from the typical American coffee, expresso or cappuccino. In addition, you can find artisanal ice cream served in profiteroles or with desserts such as tres leches, chocolate cake, and flipped cream, among others.

If it is anticuchos and Creole cravings, Jirón Jarana has it all. To snack they offer green tamale, huancaína potato and a delicious shelled corn a la huancaína, served with pieces of cheese. The sauce is thick, with good taste and the yellow chili is noticeable. The corn was tender and the cheese had the perfect amount of salt. You can also find green or huancaine noodles with a series of accompaniments such as grilled breast, chop or anticuchos. On this occasion, we enjoy green noodles with anticucho. The latter is one of the softest we have tasted and the seasoning of the noodles is reminiscent of home cooking. If you prefer to enjoy grilled options, in addition to the typical anticucho, they offer rachi, choncholi and sweetbreads, all with an unmissable flavor.

Station 34 also have Bar 34, a space with classic and signature beers, wines and cocktails. You can find from cinnamon, ginger or lemon verbena macerated, to gin and tonic, chilcanos of different flavors, free cuba and sangrias. We recommend the lemon verbena and red fruit chilcanos.


If you want to know more about this gastronomic proposal, you can locate them at Aviación 3441, San Borja or through social networks on Instagram as @estacion_34, on Facebook as @estacion34pe and on Tik Tok as @estacion_34. Its office hours are from Monday to Sunday, from 8 am to 11 pm

Source: Elcomercio

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