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Panettone without raisins or fruit? The new proposal that went ‘viral’ before Christmas


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A little over a month after celebrating Christmas, panettone brands begin to offer their product that will accompany not only dinner on December 24, but also breakfast and lunch on any other day in December. But the novelty this year has been the new Winter’s proposal, a panettone without raisins or fruit. The surprise has been such that the reels on Instagram and TikToks do not stop, Peruvian consumers are surprised and they have made it known.

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Mauricio Fernandini, marketing manager of Compañía Nacional de Chocolates de Perú, assures that it has been a risky proposal, but that after eight months of work they are satisfied, the product has only been on the market for a few days and the objectives have been achieved, the public He has received it well because they have asked for it for years.

“Through studies, focus, and even on the street, there was always a group of consumers who let it be known that they didn’t like raisins or fruit, so we knew that a panettone without both ingredients was a rather neglected need,” he says. Fernandini. Although they were aware that many took out the raisins and fruits, they considered this an unnecessary additional process, which is why this year they thought of “giving joy to these consumers.”

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The work was carried out by the research and development and production teams, the objective was to achieve that flavor that people were waiting for, maintaining all the qualities of the panettone such as texture and thread. A point in favor of this product is having made it with sourdough, this has allowed it to give it certain superior characteristics. “It was a big challenge, the expectations were going to be high”, says the manager.

The formula has been changed because the raisins and fruits give the mixture a certain sweetness, but the correct way of working with the sourdough has been found, for which an adequate proposal has been delivered, the panettone maintains its flavor and its original texture.

Christmas in November

The panettone campaign begins in September, the month in which they begin to be distributed to each point of sale, but in the case of this new proposal, it only arrived at Wong (the only physical point of sale) in the first days of November, without waiting for viralization will push the demand to grow. The product, which is also a limited edition, is expected to be finished before December 24 in stores. The continuity of this new panettone in the Winter’s portfolio will depend on the volume and its acceptance.

“Enjoy a richer panettone” will also be this year’s campaign, and as Fernandini points out, today everyone will have a choice, those who enjoy raisins and fruits, those who don’t, and those who prefer chocolate chips. .


Where to find it and how much does it cost?

Winter’s panettone without raisins and without fruit is available in supermarkets Wong and in shopschocolate.pe. It will soon be available through delivery applications. The suggested price is 20 suns.

Source: Elcomercio

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