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Summer started! The unmissable points in Lima to eat ice cream and cremoladas | VIDEO

As the relentless heat advances, in Advantage We recommend three unmissable places to cool off before continuing with the routine. Curich Cremoladas, Speciale and El Parque D’Onofrio opened the doors of their spaces to us and we discovered that they maintain the same air of their beginnings, with novelties for their younger clients, but the same recipes for fans who return for their usual flavors.

Follow this tour and you will not regret it, and not only in summer:

legendary cremolades

They are not ice creams, nor scrapers, nor pacifiers, nor juices. The cremoladas are frozen fruit with the perfect density to appease the most intense summer heat. The Curich Cremoladas are a mandatory point in Miraflores to try dozens of flavors of cremoladas made from pure seasonal fruit pulp as well as from other regions beyond Lima.

Curich Cremoladas currently has more than 30 flavors to offer its public.  (Photos: Alessandro Currarino)

Troika Curich Moreno is the current general manager of this family business that dates back to 1942, when her Croatian father, an ice cream maker by profession, arrived in Peru after a series of trips through Latin America and fell in love with this country. Together with Troika’s Peruvian mother, they settled in Tumbes and set up a successful ice cream business that would become Cremoladas Curich. In 1979, already in Lima, Troika’s brother standardized the recipe and they opened to the public in the garage of the house where they are currently located, in Jr. Bolognesi.

Troika Curich, current manager of Curich Cremoladas.  (Photos: Alessandro Currarino)

“The cremolada is a middle ground between ice cream, sorbet and juice because it is not as solid as an ice cream, but not as liquid as a juice either, it is the right middle ground”, Troika Curich tells us as fans of her cremoladas pour in non-stop . Lucuma cremolada is one of its most popular flavors, however, one of its purposes as a company is to spread the hundreds of flavors of Peruvian fruits from all regions of the country. For this reason, since around the year 2000, flavors such as aguaymanto, camu-camu or aguaje have been found that were not known around here. “We have always tried to have all the fruits because that also helps farmers and communities to have an income. The ungurahui, mango ciruelo del norte, pechiche del norte, sanki de la sierra, the tumbo serrano and norteño and many other flavors that we have rescued from Lima, which were always there but people did not have the habit of eating”, says Troika Curich. Getting there is very easy, they also do delivery.

More data:

  • They also offer delicious juices and pure fruit desserts. Prices vary from 7 to 26 soles depending on the size and whether they contain milk or are light.
Juices and desserts are part of your daily showcase.  (Photos: Alessandro Currarino)
  • Address: Bolognesi 759, Miraflores
  • Instagram: @curichcremoladas

Speciale ice creams and the flavor of yesteryear

Rafael Cereghino Morris is responsible for keeping the beloved Speciale ice creams as delicious as the old recipe. “My grandfather started it, he was Italian and he put the Speciale brand on it. Before it was a bakery and ice cream parlor, but each time the ice cream parlor was gaining more ground”, Cereghino tells us. These artisan ice creams are prepared daily at the plant installed in Magdalena, where they also offer the mythical Speciale or Sundae cups with around 16 permanent flavors and others that vary according to the season. Other options are the glass of 10 flavors, the famous banana split and the Melba and Assorted glasses.

A zambito, the Speciale cup and Sundae are just a sample of this beautiful menu to savor with the family.  (Photos: Alessandro Currarino)

Lucuma, strawberry, soursop, cappuccino, nougat, coconut, lemon and passion fruit are some of the flavors of the ice cream shop. But its flagship product is the Magdalena flavor, created by Speciale in honor of the district that saw it grow and is currently the flavor most in demand by residents of the district. “The flavor that we sell the most is that of Magdalena in honor of our beloved district. Then comes lucuma, our national ice cream. They are all ice creams, we prepare them, none of them have coloring or essences, ”says Rafael Cereghino who tells us that in the future, his daughter will have the post, so we will have Speciale ice creams for a while.

It all started at the current location in Magdalena.  The Speciale ice cream business dates back to 1942. (Photos: Alessandro Currarino)

More data:

  • Address: Jr. Libertad 1231, Magdalena and Jr. Batallón Ayacucho 276, Barranco
  • Instagram: @speciale_heladeria

the inner park

The history of El Parque D’Onofrio ice cream parlor dates back many years, but it was in 1984 when they decided to give it the concept of an indoor park as we know it today. “That’s why the name El Parque, because they wanted to move Kennedy Park inside the premises, that’s why we have a pergola, lighting poles, plants, benches, etc. Obviously the concept has been mutating over the years, almost 38 years have passed since we started this and after a couple of difficult years we are happy with what we are experiencing at the moment”, says Miguel Hundskopf, commercial director of the Two of May group

Of its more than 40 ice cream options, the two best sellers are the jumbo cup and the banana split. “For children we have ice creams with different figures such as the piggy cup, the Chavo cup, Mickey Mouse, bee, bear and over the years we have changed the type of offers, now we have Marvel superheroes and superheroines. The idea is to keep it as a family product where you can bring the whole family and have a good time at El Parque D’Onofrio, to eat very well and at good prices”, explains Hundskopf. In El Parque you can rest from a Miraflores walk with a view of Kennedy Park while eating an unforgettable D’Onofrio ice cream.

The famous banana split.  (Photos: Anthony Niño de Guzmán)

More data:

  • Parque D’Onofrio not only offers ice cream, it also has an extensive menu of Peruvian food
  • Address: Calle Lima 401, Parque Kennedy, Miraflores
  • Instagram: @elparquedonofrio

Source: Elcomercio

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