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“I’m going to make the music that I want, period”: Juanes’ plans for 2023

Juanes has prepared “a album brutal” that will be released in 2023, which makes him look forward to next year with joy, in which he assures that he is going to make the music that he likes the most and wants to do.

I’m going to make the music that I want, period… That’s what’s coming on this new album and I think that’s going to show from the start.”, the Colombian artist assured EFE in an interview after passing through Medellín to give two concerts with the band Morat.

This coming year has been “very special” for the singer of “La camisa negra” because he has “played a lot” and has “felt the love of people everywhere.”

I feel very grateful to be able to continue doing thisfor being able to continue connecting with people through music”says the singer-songwriter with more than 20 years of solo career.

In addition, he is “in a very special place” personally. “I believe that the years have also given you that peace of mind, certainty more than doubt, knowing very well where I come from and where I am going much more clearly”estimates Juanes, who hopes to surprise with his next album.

Juanes sees that the world and the music industry “They are changing at a level and at a speed that is incredible” and in 2023 he believes that the change from stereo to Atmos system (a 360 surround sound) “It’s a revolution.”

That is very important for music because we are going to be able to listen to the songs as if we were inside the group that is playing it, that is, we are going to be listening to the choirs in the back, the drums in front or some keyboards on top”emphasizes Juanes.

Source: Elcomercio

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