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PMU – Arrival of the five of Tuesday, December 27, in Vincennes: Hurella award

Arrival of the fifth : 10 – 13 – 11 – 3 – 2. Doesn’t start : fourteen

“Race should be lucky. This sentence, handed down by Alexandre Abrivar after his victory in the Prix de Sainte-Aubin-lès-Elboeuf, with the support of the five, with Hurella (No. 10) may also appeal to racing fans. For fans of resident Jean-Michel Bazire, this time the wheel has turned in the right direction, as the future Étrier d’Or confirms: . Luckily, a machine of the third thickness was formed and I was able to get into a good position. In the last corner I was blocked, but the fault of Hamilton Star allowed me to pass. “After two runners-up Hurella opens his stall during this winter meeting and wins his first five at the same time.

Long pointed in the second half of the peloton, There are seven (No. 13) successfully completes the race and takes second place, which allows Jean-Michel Bazir to form the winning pair of this five. Hasur Dairpet (No. 11), who followed the future winner, also finished the race well, but had to be content with third place. In a small digression Harina Dream (#3) does well without his irons, but fails at the foot of the pedestal. As for the race favorite, Didgeon Hold On (No. 2), he achieved excellent results after he covered the last 800 meters in the fourth thickness, but he had to settle for fifth place.

Halim Buakkaz indicated a quart in a disorder of five horses and a fifth in a disorder of seven horses.

Source: Le Parisien

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