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The cabals for the Chinese New Year 2023: what foods are part of the rituals?

On January 22, the Chinese New Year will begin, and the water rabbit will be welcomed, and like the Western New Year, there are some recommendations for this day, from colors that should be used, to foods that are they should have on the table to attract good fortune. Here we tell you what they are so that you have them ready.

Food for Chinese New Year

rice balls

Rice is one of the most used ingredients in Chinese culture, which is why for the New Year they prepare sweet rice balls, bathed in some kind of syrup. This ensures family unity for the next 12 months.


For abundance, a whole fish steamed or fried accompanied by seasonings and sauces should not be missing. It is important that it has the head and the tail.

Spring rolls

Spring rolls are very traditional in China, they are usually eaten at any time, but in the Chinese New Year they are eaten to attract prosperity and good luck.


Oranges are closely associated with China, which is why they are included in the Chinese New Year celebration. Eating them means wealth and fortune, because they are associated with gold.

white radish

It is a vegetable that cannot be missing from the table and is related to good luck because its pronunciation in Chinese is the same as this phrase.


The red color means happiness in China, that is why prawns are included in the table, but also because being curved is associated with long life.

Source: Elcomercio

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