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La Mar: How much does it cost to eat in this temple of fish and shellfish?

The sea pays tribute to the best of the ocean through key dishes of Peruvian marine cuisine. It is a traditional cebichería, but with modern techniques, which has stood out for its special care in the search for inputs and its constant innovation.

Due to its wide and varied menu, one wants to try everything; but it is better to order different dishes or the generous trios to share. Sometimes, your proposal can change depending on what the sea offers that day. The bar, where the pisco-based cocktails stand out, offers the perfect match to its marine proposal. While its cheerful and bright atmosphere invites you to stay.

In 2020, the restaurant -considered the best cebiche, fish and seafood at the 2022 Summum Awards- celebrated its 15th anniversary. The brand, which is part of Acurio Restaurantes, has opened stores in Doha (capital of Qatar), Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Miami, San Francisco and Santiago de Chile.

The local menu is varied. Let’s start with the king: the cebiche and the 11 varieties that it offers, from the classic to the bachiche, from the oriental to the mushroom. In its different versions, he can choose between 2 and 3 fish with which to prepare it; this will be reflected in the price. The cost goes between S/. 58 to S/. 118. Thus, we have a classic silverside cebiche (S/.58) but if luxury fishing is used (S/.88). The sea urchin cebiche (S/.98) and the trio of cebiches (S/.118) are other options.

The same happens with the tiraditos (6 options) that in the cases of yellow pepper, rocoto and lacquered fish such as bonito, trout and more can be chosen. The dishes in this section cost between S/.49 and S/.108. For example, the aphrodisiac (with shells, razors, prawns, sea urchins, tiger’s milk) is S/. 88 and the trio at S/.108. The causes (from Lima to the shrimp cocktail) cost between S/. 39 and S/.59.

Cold appetizers include shells, Nikkei wantacos, shellfish a la chalaca and more (between S/. 19 and S/. 98). For example, 2 units of nikkei wantacos of bonito (S/. 19) while the octopus in olive oil (S/. 88). Among the hot entrees there are empanadas, anticuchos, fish tacos and more (between S/ 19 and S/. 78). For example, a unit of anticuchos with seasonal fishing (S/. 19), 6 units of shrimp wontons (S/. 49) and parmesan shells (S/. 78).

Seafood combines well with the wok, which is why we find seafood or airport chaufa, northern rice or seafood, saltados and more (between S/. 68 to S/. 98). In all cases, you can choose the type of fish or shellfish.

La Mar’s menu also includes dishes such as milanesa with tacu tacu, pacifier rice, black ravioli, popeye crab and more (between S/. 58 and S/. 168). Arroz a la leña and parihuelón are to share (S/. 129 and S/. 168, respectively).

Finally, we have grilled dishes with a variety of fish and shellfish to choose from (between S/. 98 and S/. 398) and the whole catch of cheetah, sole, devil, lobster or frogfish (price based on weight).

Address: Av. La Mar 770, Miraflores, Lima.

Reservations: 421-3365.

Source: Elcomercio

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