These signs pointing to Mecca can be found along one of the most popular hiking trails (Photo: Muslim Hikers/Wiggle/AdidasTERREX)

Ahead of Ramadan this week, Adidas is teaming up with hiking group Muslim Hikers to make the outdoors a more inclusive space.

Signs to Mecca have been posted along a popular walking route in the Peak District and a new prayer rug has been introduced.

Together with global sports retailer Wiggle, adidas TERREX, which offers specialist outdoor gear, has been working closely with Muslim migrants to identify the obstacles they face in rural areas.

Muslim Hikers is a community hiking group founded in 2020 to encourage Muslims to get outside – though everyone is welcome.

Ethnic minorities account for only 1% of visitors to national parks, and a diversity survey commissioned by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) found that people from ethnic minority backgrounds valued the natural rural environment, but they differed from each other kept. omitted in an environment perceived as “all-English”.

Shockingly, Muslim walkers have faced online slurs and accusations of “not being good walkers” after a walk on Christmas Day 2021.


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More is now being done to support Muslims in rural areas – in particular, the new campaign focuses on facilitating prayer outside the home.

Muslims pray in the direction of Mecca up to five times a day, so signs have been posted along Cave Dale in Derbyshire pointing to the holy city.

Muslims struggle to find the right kind of outdoor prayer rug (Photo: Muslim Hikers/Wiggle/AdidasTERREX)

The Wiggle website also features a new prayer rug designed by a 7th generation Muslim artisan.

Currently, 100 prayer rugs have been donated to Muslim walkers as part of the partnership.

If you want your own, they’ll be available from the Wiggle website in April 2023 for £20 each.

It is specially designed for outdoor use and has pockets in four corners to insert stones to keep it down.

prayer rug

The beautifully designed prayer rugs are also perfect for the harsh conditions (Photo: Muslim Hikers/Wiggle/AdidasTERREX)

Plus, these waterproof mats are very compact so you can roll them into your backpack for storage.

Compared to using jackets and improvised alternatives, these new prayer rugs will allow Muslims to pray comfortably while walking.

“Partnering with Wiggle and adidas TERREX has allowed us to take a big step in the right direction when it comes to promoting inclusion outside the home,” said Haroon Mota, founder of Muslim Hikers.

“The prayer mats and boards have made it easier for us in the Muslim community to do this without having to worry about the practicalities of prayer.”