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Korean food in Lima: 6 unmissable restaurants to discover their cuisine


With no room for fusions or adapted recipes, this restaurant is for purists; those in search of purely Korean dishes. The menu is marked by the fermented (the star is the kimchi with its salty and spicy flavor) and boiled meats. The food -there are several options to share- goes hand in hand with the music, on Sundays there is karaoke in the main dining room.


Av. Primavera 609, San Borja.


Once again we find ourselves before a restaurant that adheres to tradition. Initially, they expected their clientele to be purely Korean; but they soon realized that Peruvians liked this seasoning. Among the most popular are kimbap, a typical dish consisting of a rice roll with various ingredients (vegetables, meat, fish, etc.) and all wrapped in seaweed. Also bulgogi, the well-known Korean barbecue; and ttokbokki, which is made from rice cake and is usually bought from street vendors in Korea.


Av. San Luis 2256, San Borja.

MR. bingsu

The craving for sweets. If we are looking for a family comparison, bingsu is a kind of slush or thin ice cream that is served with sweet toppings. First, a generous layer of granita is served -made with a special machine brought from Korea- and then it is accompanied with the chosen filling: fruits, condensed milk, delicacy sauce, fudge, etc. It is crowned with a generous portion of toppings.


Av. Canevaro 104, Lince / Jr. Callao 159, Cercado de Lima.

Bingsu is a kind of slush or ice cream that is served with sweet toppings.


It is a dark kitchen that offers traditional food with a Peruvian touch. The menu includes dishes such as yangnyom chicken, a fried chicken bathed in a sweet and spicy sauce; jajangmyeon, which is noodles covered in spicy sauce, vegetables, and pork; and bibimbap, a dish known for its spicy flavor and its colors.


You find them in rappi and Orders Now.

Yangnyoum chicken, a fried chicken bathed in a sweet and spicy sauce (or other sauces), is popular.


Korean flag venture – fusion that surprises with its different flavors. The banderilla or corndog is a hot dog or cheese that is covered by a dough and fried. They offer eight flavors: the classic, American, ramen, chips, cheetos, doritos, sweet potato and poke (the sweet). In addition, they have six sauces to accompany them.


You find them in rappi and Orders Now.

WhatsApp: 944 3653 80.

Crunchy Love offers banderillas or corndog, which are hot dogs or cheese covered in batter and fried.


This space celebrates the traditional dishes of Korean cuisine. Their menu is dominated by the grill (served directly to the table or in a box), the Korean-style bowls, the stews, the high-quality proteins (especially pork and squid) and their desserts (such as their bread stuffed with peanuts and almonds or sweet bean).


Av. Grau 237, Miraflores.

Source: Elcomercio

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