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International Day Free of Plastic Bags: 5 simple ideas to reduce their use | PHOTOS

It is not necessary, but even the smallest pill is given to us in plastic bag. In cases like this, the best thing is to say: “no thanks, I just take it that way.” Everything is a matter of habit. If you can carry it in your pocket, backpack or bag, then you just have to say no.

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Another simple way is to reuse bags that you have at home. Always carry one bag neatly folded for use when needed. They do not take up any space. So, when you have to make an unexpected purchase or have to transport something, you will already have one bag on hand.

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There are many ways we can reduce the use of plastic bags, in the gallery we give you five simple ideas on how to do it.

Build your organic garden at home with plastic bottles and wooden boxes

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