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6 tips to be more productive while telecommuting

During the quarantine many people have had their first acquaintance with him remote work and despite their efforts, they still cannot balance the time between helping their children with the virtual classes, chores around the house and job responsibilities. Daikin’s work environment experts give you some tips to increase your productivity.

1. Plan. Set daily and weekly goals. So you can measure your productivity and do what is necessary to achieve your goals. Set three daily goals and each time you finish, get up, stretch your legs, and relax. You can also do exercises to decrease tension.

2. Set schedules. It is important that you define schedules and routines to help you focus better and be more efficient. Organize your day by blocks and intersperse breaks. In this way, you will not be thinking that the hours pass and you cannot go to buy food or take your pet out.

3. Avoid interruptions. In the office, distractions almost always come from colleagues and last minute meetings. At home, on the other hand, the situation is very different. Suddenly we must attend to a relative, look for medicines, etc. Talk to your family and ask for their collaboration. Avoid making personal calls, using social networks to send greetings, making purchases online or any activity that prevents you from being focused on your work.

4. Maintain communication with the rest of the team. It is very important that you talk with the people you work with. Establish rules and channels of communication. For example, through WhatsApp, corporate messaging, video calls.

5. Manage breaks. The freshness and mental energy are not infinite. Take a break every two hours. The brain is able to maintain a high degree of concentration for 120 minutes, after this time it becomes easier to get distracted. Take a 5, 10, or 30 minute break. Get away from the computer and clear your mind.

6. Put a limit on the day. It is essential to divide the time between professional and personal life. The fact of being at home does not mean that you live glued to the computer. A person who knows how to disconnect will sleep better, have a good mood, be more creative and productive. Before sleeping, silence your cell phone.

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