Claire was shocked by the Next Level manspreader during her flight (Image: Getty)

Imagine this: you’ve been off work for a week, the absence is in full swing and you’re hit by an unbeatable wave of euphoria as you board the plane. There’s nothing better, right?

Now imagine sitting next to someone who is constantly invading your space. We all know how small some budget airlines can be, but there are limits – much like the nightmarish reality of one TikToker who recently described her horrific experience on a flight after a man in her aisle ‘took manspreading to another level’.

Claire (@claireandpeter) was amazed at how much manspreading took place next to her on a routine flight – and her video received 365.8k likes and almost 3,000 comments.

“The way this man took the man who spread on my flight to ANOTHER LEVEL,” the TikToker shared in shock, her hand over her mouth as she revealed a passenger who had spread his legs so wide that he spanned the entire aisle and resting his left foot in Claire’s footwell.



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The passenger to his right also couldn’t escape because he was also sprawled out in their space.

The comments were full of outrage, with one joking: “Is he going into labor or something?”

Others reported similar experiences with poor etiquette while traveling.

“A woman did this to me on a long-haul flight but I felt something on my thigh AND IT WAS HER FOOT,” one TikToker commented.

“I had someone do this once and I stepped on their foot because I didn’t notice their foot near me,” said another.

However, there were surprisingly sympathetic users who noted that the perpetrator probably did not have enough space due to his height.

“Or he’s just… tall,” one user argued.

The 6ft man here can confirm that this should be done on flights, but the fact that his foot went over your foot area is going too far[ed] down the hall,” wrote another.

Jackie Vernon-Thompson, etiquette expert at the Inside-Out School of Etiquette, previously told that there was no excuse for a space violation of this magnitude during a flight. In fact, she said passengers should never extend their legs in the aisle for extra legroom, even when the coast is clear.

“It’s non-negotiable to spread your legs like that,” Jackie said.

“There are seats with more legroom that you can pay for.” If necessary, buy a ticket for more legroom.

“If you need to stretch your legs, walk – but you paid for your seat, not the aisle.”