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Grapes: all the benefits that the protagonists of the most famous New Year’s Kabbalah have

Grapes: all the benefits that the protagonists of the most famous New Year’s Kabbalah have

Grapes: all the benefits that the protagonists of the most famous New Year’s Kabbalah have

Grapes, fruits widely consumed at New Year’s because they symbolize good fortune and prosperity, have several health benefits. They are rich in vitamins and antioxidants and it has been seen that they can improve cardiovascular health, among other pathologies.

The Kabbalah

It is believed that this tradition came to Latin America from Spain. Kabbalah, very famous in this part of the world, consists of eating 12 fruits when the clock strikes 12 am on January 1.

There are two theories about how this tradition began. The first indicates that in the 1880s, the bourgeois class of Spain began to imitate the French and began to celebrate New Year’s Eve by eating grapes and drinking sparkling wine.

The second theory indicates that this cabal began in 1909, when in Alicante, in Spain, grape products had a great harvest and in order not to have a surplus they looked for a way to sell it, indicating that they bring luck.

Whatever the origin of this cabala, we know that it is currently one of the most famous, and it is a good thing, because these fruits have many health benefits. Below we review:

Nutritional value

Fruits are nutrient-dense foods, and grapes are no exception. These fruits can be green, deep purple or cherry in color, and their nutritional properties have been studied.

Grapes are rich in fiber and low in calories; in 100g of fruit you will only find 64 kcal. In addition, they are high in vitamins A and K. They contain other vitamins such as C and B vitamins, such as thiamine and riboflavin. As for minerals, they have a considerable amount of potassium and manganese.

The health benefits of grapes are varied and notable


Grapes are fruits very rich in antioxidants. The peel and seeds contain ten times more antioxidant properties than grape pulp or juice. These fruits contain polyphenols, substances with high antioxidant capacity, which helps prevent chronic non-communicable diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, among others.

Food for the microbiota

It is known that taking care of our intestinal microbiota has great benefits, because vital metabolic and immune functions are developed in that area to guarantee good health. Imbalance in the microbiota is closely associated with metabolic syndrome and various diseases such as allergies, diabetes, obesity and immune disorders. It has been seen that regular consumption of grapes, including seeds, can improve the amount of positive bacteria in the microbiota.

Source: Elcomercio

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