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Drinks: cocktails, beach and more in Filo’s new proposal

Drinks: cocktails, beach and more in Filo’s new proposal

Drinks: cocktails, beach and more in Filo’s new proposal

Summer is here, the heat is pressing and Filo knows it, that’s why they present Drinks, a new event created by the gastronomic producer, perfect for lovers of cocktails and the beach. In this first edition, the aim is to present a “mixological” experience, of gastronomy and entertainment in the same place: the Boulevard de Asia.

With great skill, the bartenders from various establishments in Lima will conquer the public with their most refreshing, curious and well-executed creations. At this event you can enjoy everything from the most elaborate cocktails to tasty snacks or bites, something for all tastes.

Some of the options that can be found are the classic lemon-lime margarita, a variety of summer reds, mojitos, summer tonics and more. There will be everything from reinvented classics to more current combinations.

In this edition, there will be 13 restaurants and bars that will share the best of their menu with attendees. Among them we find Limaq, Isolina, Casa Nixtamal, Osso, Shizen, Constraste, Café A Bistro, Doomo Saltado, The Parrot Shadow, Hidden | Experimental Cocktailbar, La Gintoneria, Dada and Básico.

Among the snacks available, the suckling ham sausages and the cherry Margherita pizza stand out, among others.

Drinks will also present 4 cocktail classes, in which they will teach how to prepare cocktails such as the mojito, Limaq negroni, Sarita Punch and Paloma Cocktail.

In addition, there will be a selection of music with DJs and bands on stage. Among the guests we find Mar de Copas, DJ Luigi, Ammo Avenue, Pia Van O and Los Smiks.


Drinks will take place on Saturday, January 27, from 2 pm, at Paradiso, located next to the Kartodromo on Asia Boulevard (Km 97.5 Panamericana Sur). Tickets available in Joinnus at S/30. On the day of the event, at the door, tickets will cost S/60.

Source: Elcomercio

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