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Osso, by Renzo Garibaldi, enters the prestigious Michelin Guide in Brazil: “It fills us with pride and the desire to move forward”

In a ceremony held on the night of Monday, May 20, at the Copa Cabana Palace in Rio de Janeiro, the restaurants that were distinguished with both Michelin stars and other distinctions such as being chosen among those recommended by the guide were announced. a kind of prelude to the precious stars. In 2024, 44 establishments maintained their recommended status and 38 new ones were added. Among them the Peruvian Osso.

Reasons to celebrate

On the official website of the Michelin Guide in Brazil, Osso is described as “a place highly appreciated by meat lovers in the Sao Paulo region”, with a proposal based on meats from “sustainable producers”, a “space It is modern and elegant” and a winery with “an excellent selection of wines.”

For Renzo Garibaldi, who in the guide is described as “master butcher”, this distinction is special, as it consolidates a year of many achievements for the Osso brand in Brazil, a country that, in addition to having a very important gastronomic tradition, is among the main meat consumers in the region and is especially demanding in this area.

“Last year, within the framework of the Best of the Year elections, we were selected by the newspaper ‘Folha de Sao Paulo’ and also by the magazine ‘Veja’ as the best steak restaurant. Today, being in the Michelin guide is another enormous achievement in a country as carnivorous as this one. The news fills us with pride and the desire to move forward, to continue doing and growing,” Garibaldi highlighted in a telephone conversation with “Provecho” of “El Comercio” from Rio de Janeiro, where he will stay until Wednesday morning.

“We are super proud of the people who make the brand here,” added the chef of the team made up of Brazilians and led by chef Victor Cabanas, who started with Garibaldi in Cór, his first restaurant in Brazil.

ON VIDEO: see here the announcement of entries to the Michelin Guide 2024 in Brazil.

Crossing borders

And although Osso opened its doors in Sao Paulo only in July 2022, the relationship between Renzo Garibaldi and his kitchen with the South American giant extends for more years. It was in 2017 that he took his first step with Cór, his first restaurant outside of Peru and located in Alto de Pinheiros. “Brazil was the first country that really supported us, and it is something very strange because after Argentina it is the second most carnivorous country in Latin America. They could have seen us as the enemy, as the competition, but it was the other way around, they were among those who embraced us, taught us and supported us the most,” says the Peruvian that he continues to generate ties with Brazilian chefs.

After the 2024 Michelin Guide gala, Renzo received an invitation from chef Thomas Troisgros, owner of Toto and CT Boucherie, to participate in a meal for friends. “So today we have 15 friends coming to eat meat and drink wine. The friendship with Brazil has been going on for several years and the fact that the restaurant is well received here is super important to me,” details Garibaldi, who currently has three restaurants in Sao Paulo: Osso, Cór and Incêndio, and continues with his internationalization plan step by step. firm.

In 2023, the first Osso headquarters opened in Miami and on July 26, 2024, it will open a headquarters in Bogotá, Colombia.

“The one in Colombia is a fairly large venue, more than a thousand square meters and with more than 200 chairs. It is in a beautiful old house, Tudor style from 1937. It is a quite ambitious project, because we arrived in a Bogotá that is very hungry for meat,” concludes the Peruvian chef.

About the Michelin Guide

The Michelin Guide is one of the most prestigious gastronomic recognitions in the world. This 2024, he returned to Brazil after a four-year break and awarded two stars to six establishments: DOM (Sao Paulo), Oro (Rio de Janeiro) and Oteque (Rio de Janeiro) – which maintained their previous recognitions – and added Tuju (Sao Paulo), Evvai (Sao Paulo) and Lasai (Rio de Janeiro).

15 establishments were also recognized with a Michelin star: Cipriani, MEE, Huto, Jun Sakamoto, Kan Suke, Kinoshita, Maní, Picchi, San Omakase Room, Fame Osteria, Kazuo, Kuro, Murakami, Oizumi Sushi and Tangará Jean-Georges.

The restaurants that are part of the Michelin Guide are chosen by anonymous inspectors, people who are passionate about food and have a lot of experience in the field who join the entity and after a preparation program of between 2 and 3, they travel the world working only for Michelin making a selection of restaurants. “Anonymity is a key for the Michelin guide, inspectors have to remain anonymous to avoid receiving VIP treatment when arriving at the restaurants. It is important to be independent and fair,” it was explained at the 2024 ceremony in Rio de Janeiro.

Among the distinctions of the Michelin Guide, stars stand out: 1, 2 or 3 stars can be awarded, with 3 being the highest possible rating. Green stars are also awarded, in recognition of the sustainable practices of a kitchen, and the Bib Gourmand award, awarded to establishments that serve quality cuisine at affordable prices.



The first Osso location opened on July 26. Since that time, it has become a cabal for Renzo Garibaldi and his team to inaugurate their headquarters on that date. That is why the inauguration of the premises in Bogotá, Colombia, will be held that day in collaboration with the Embassy of Peru in Colombia, as a prelude to the celebrations of the National Holidays. Osso’s headquarters in Colombia will be located at Cra 13 #75-33, Chapinero.

Source: Elcomercio

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