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Top 20 of Advantage: the most shocking and read notes of our page this 2021

From Chinese snacks to the bicentennial picarones, from salted noodles to Arequipa’s ribs, and from kombucha to the most ‘coveted’ desserts in Lima, Peruvian cuisine is so vast that we would lack pages to talk about all its diversity. For this reason, since July 2021, Advantage, the gastronomic page of the El Comercio newspaper, performs hard work to record the flavors, smells and colors of our gastronomy and thus make known to our readers, the infinite possibilities to visit or order by delivery.

In Advantage we gather the best recipes from The Gastronaut, Yo Madre recipes Y Colette Olaechea; We try the menus of the new establishments that open in Lima or we immerse ourselves in the new proposals of the already recognized restaurants, because we understand the difficult task of sustaining a business amid the uncertainty of the pandemic and we want to be part of this rebirth. We enter into conversations with Peruvian chefs to introduce ourselves to their origins and solve the mysteries behind a menu and we give value to local and national inputs, as well as to the productive chain that is working behind each dish served.

We did not want to leave this 2021 without making a brief count of the most read and commented articles by readers hungry for Peruvian food and knowledge of history and identity. Remember to follow us in our instagram page and leave us your comments. Enjoy!

1. Pía León: 10 things you did not know about the Peruvian awarded as the best chef in the world

August 4, 2021

The Peruvian chef Pía León received in Antwerp, Belgium, the award for the Best Female Chef in the World presented by The World’s 50 Best, last October. Thus, León became the first Peruvian to hold such distinction, an award that was added to other of her achievements: Best Female Cook in Latin America (50 Best 2018) and Best Rising Chef (The Best Chef 2019) in the World. This note rescues the 10 most relevant data from the career of the great Peruvian chef Pía León.

Read the note here

2. Teresa Ocampo: ten things you did not know about the great lady of Peruvian cuisine

October 13, 2021

Did you know that the “Houston Chronicle” baptized her as the Julia Child of Peru? Teresa Ocampo, the great lady of Peruvian cuisine, celebrated her ninetieth birthday on October 13 and at Provecho we pay her a warm tribute, recalling milestones in her family life and professional career. Because it is and will continue to be the culinary guide for many generations.

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Teresa Ocampo celebrates the kitchen and its great legacy.  On October 13, the teacher turned 90 years old.  (Photo: GEC Archive)

3. Bicentennial: this is how Peruvians ate in the year that Independence was declared

July 28, 2021

By July 1821, Lima was still a walled city. Eating habits at the time depended on social class. Few were the bites that were unaware of strata. To celebrate our Bicentennial, we revived the menu of a first independent table.

Read the note here

Independence Banquet.  (Illustration: Diana Kisner)

4. Magdalena del Mar: these are 10 of the best places to eat in the district | VIDEO

July 19, 2021

After shopping at the Magdalena MarketWhy not indulge yourself and satisfy your cravings for a new meal from the flavor specialists? Advantacho took a tour and these are the key food spots we recommend from the beachfront district.

Read the note here

The flavors of the coast, mountains and jungle come together in Magdalena del Mar. (Photo: Andrés Paredes / GEC)

5. Av. Trapiche in Comas: 5 unmissable restaurants of the gastronomic empire in North Lima | PHOTOS

September 24, 2021

We toured the popular Trapiche avenue and we visited 5 of its best restaurants: El Rancho Grande del Perú, El Bonito Soy Yo, La Olla Arequipeña, Kata Restaurante and Puerto Huachano 3. We found endless regional flavors for all tastes and pockets.

Read the note here

Gastronomic tour along Trapiche avenue, Comas.  (Photo: Jorge Cerdán / GEC)

6. Dulcerías in Lima: where do you sell Peruvian desserts ‘more caletas’? Our recommendations

July 26, 2021

For National Holidays, Provecho took a journey beyond the classic rice pudding and purple porridge. These three sweet shops offer the desserts of yesteryear made with the same affection as ever, from the ranfañote viceregal to the colonial -and almost disappeared- lemon stuffed with manjar blanco. Get to know the offer of these gastronomic corners that invite you to rediscover your Peruvian identity.

Read the note here

Peruvian desserts with identity.  (Photos: Andrés Paredes / GEC)

7. Cambalache Market: discover the first gastronomic patio of SJL | VIDEO

September 21, 2021

It opened its doors for the first time in August 2021 on Gran Chimú Avenue, in Zárate, and proposes a journey of flavors through four completely different seasons. Advantage was there and this was our experience.

Read the note here

Lima September 16, 2021 Gastronomic tour of the Cambalache Market, a gourmet food court in Zárate, San Juan de Lurigancho.  (Photo: Joel Alonzo / @ photo.gec)

8. Chicken chili recipe: learn step by step how to prepare it like the legendary Teresa Izquierdo

September 13, 2021

In 2017, the journalist Nora Sugobono learned, from the hand of Elena Santos, heir to the secrets of Teresa Izquierdo, the recipe of the most important cult cook in Peruvian gastronomy.

Know the recipe here

The most reliable chili pepper recipe at the time of the legendary Teresa Izquierdo.  (Photo: Jano Lavalle)

9. Residencial San Felipe: 5 unmissable restaurants if you are going to eat in ‘La Resi’ | VIDEO

October 4, 2021

Profit entered the emblematic San Felipe Residential to get to know the range of gastronomic possibilities offered by this housing complex with thousands of potential diners. What other places do you recommend?

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The huariques of the Residencial San Felipe surprise all visitors.  (Photo: Leandro Britto / GEC)

10. El Cholo Mena: what is it like to go to a restaurant with the most famous gastronomic youtuber in Peru? | VIDEO

August 11, 2021

Every time you share where you are eating, the queues do not wait. Millions of people follow the videos and publications of the Cholo Mena in social networks, all with the urban and close style that has already become his hallmark. Who is this man and why has he become so famous in the gastronomic field? To find out, we went to eat with him. Here are our conclusions.

Read the note here

11. Rice with fried egg: a healthy way not to deprive yourself of this craving

September 13, 2021

For many people there is no better sauce than egg yolk, in a liquid but hot state. It is a sauce that is “bread and wet”. But, in addition to bread, there are things that are impregnated with the flavor of that yolk and serve as a perfect support. One of them is rice. The white rice, simply cooked.

Know the recipe here

Rice with fried egg, one of the main cravings of the Peruvian palates.  (Photo: istock)

12. CC Arenales: 3 must-see places for a gastronomic tour in the otaku paradise of Lima | VIDEO

December 6, 2021

Advantage of El Comercio visited three gastronomic proposals in this picturesque Arenales Shopping Center, by Lince, who has become a favorite of k-pop and anime lovers. All the details in this article.

Read the note here

Surprise yourself with this tour of the picturesque CC Arenales (Photo: Leandro Britto / GEC)

13. Aviation Market: makis, hamburgers, tacos and everything you can eat for the same price in San Borja

November 15, 2021

Located in the Av. Aviation, this new gastronomic market brings together four food brands that explore from the classics of Mexican food to the most interesting creations with sushi. Advantage takes you to know everything you need to know if you want to visit them.

Read the note here

A Profit tour of San Borja Aviation Market (Photo: Jorge Cerdán / GEC)

14. Top Tip: What is served in the oldest fast food restaurant in Lima?

October 21, 2021

The emblematic place of the Tip Top has more than 60 years serving the Lima public some classics such as salchipapa, milkshakes, sandwiches, ice creams and other unmissable cravings. We visit their main store, located in Lince, and we tell you what you should order on your next visit.

Read the note here

The salchipapa, in its different versions, and the Tiptorella are classics that cannot be missed.  (Photos: Cesar Campos / El Comercio)

15. Queen’s Potatoes: What is served in the snack emporium that conquers thousands?

October 21, 2021

More and more locals of this venture that was born months before the pandemic. In addition to its restaurants in Jirón de la Unión, crispy potatoes from Queen’s dads now they are in Jesús María, San Martín, Chorrillos, Miraflores and Los Olivos. Advantacho spoke with the creators of this original brand.

Read the note here

The incredible proposal of Papas Queen's is spreading more and more through Lima.  (Photos: Instagram)

16. Kombucha in Peru: the most complete guide to the popular fermented drink

September 12, 2021

The kombucha It is a millenary drink of Chinese origin produced by fermentation of tea. In Peru, we currently find it in different flavors, smells and sizes. What is it, why is it so popular and who makes it in the country? We tell you in this note.

Read the note here

Muña and Jamaica flower kombuchas from Misha Rastrera, a Peruvian company specializing in ferments.  (Photo: El Comercio)

17. Craving for picarones? Our guide with 5 must-see places in Lima

September 15, 2021

In the National Holidays Peruvian restaurants offer desserts and traditional dishes, which we must not stop trying, the picarones are just one of these classic sweets that are part of our culinary customs for July 28. Advantage met 5 unmissable places where you will enjoy the most delicious picarones in Lima.

Read the note here

Picarones are the emblematic dessert of Lima afternoons.  (Photo: iStock)

18. Vegan desserts in Lima: who sells the best? Here the most complete guide

September 9, 2021

Of all the flavors, colors, prices and textures. In this Provecho guide you will find the best vegan dessert ventures in Lima.

Read the note here

Lotus Moon Cake, Frenchies Cake and Ekosana Cake.  (Photo: Broadcast)

19. Master Kong: what is the paradise of Chinese snacks located in Pueblo Libre like? | PHOTOS

September 21, 2021

Siu mai, ja kao or siu long pao? Advantacho visited the successful restaurant that seeks to educate diners about the more traditional side of Chinese cuisine. In addition, we will tell you everything about the menu that includes a variety of min pao snacks with beautiful shapes and delicious fillings.

Read the note here

The table is set!  This time we tried delicious steamed and fried dim sum, chin chon fan, min pao sweets and some signature cocktails that you cannot miss.  (Photo: Renzo Salazar / El Comercio)

20. Saltado noodle: the best recipe to prepare this classic of the Peruvian menu

September 9, 2021

Cooking a delicious saltado noodle is simpler than it seems. Stephanie Pellny, The Gastronaut, gives us his best recipe, tips and preparation method to enjoy the magic of the frying pan, the noodles and the soy sauce.

Know the recipe here

La Gastronauta's salted noodle will amaze the whole family.  (Photo: La Gastronauta)


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