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From Barranco to SJL: 4 gastronomic markets in Lima that you cannot miss

With the pandemic came many changes, including the way we consume food outside the home. We mean that, in order to comply with biosafety protocols, formats such as gastronomic markets have become more popular. Advantage He visited different spaces to make them known and here we present four options where you can enjoy various options from delicious Parmesan shells in the tourist Barranco to some succulent anticuchos in the San Juan de Lurigancho district.

Here you will be able to know a little about the bet of each of the markets, as well as the main data you need to know to visit them. In this case we present you the proposals of First stop in Barranco, Cambalache Market in San Juan Lurigancho, Aviation Market in San Borja and La Colonial Market in Callao.

First stop

Near the heart of Barranco is First stop, a proposal that combines the gastronomic and the cultural. The note comments on the eleven restaurants and bars where it is offered from signature cocktails until the best of peruvian cuisine -marine and amazonian, for example-. They also offer delicious combinations with fries, makis, hamburgers of all kinds, pizzas, Spanish charcuterie and desserts.

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Given: First stop It is open from Sunday to Wednesday from noon to 10 pm, while from Thursday to Saturday, it is open until 11 pm The space is located on Avenida Pedro de Osma 203, Barranco. One block from the Barranco Municipal Park. To learn more about their events and gastronomic proposal visit their profile Instagram @

Cambalache Market

On Gran Chimú avenue, in Zarate, we can find this space that opened its doors for the first time in August 2021. In this article we will tell you everything about its gastronomic bet that includes Four Seasons that go from grilled chickens until cocktails. Also, you can find Creole delicacies such as anticuchos, classic ceviche and grilled ceviche and hearty hamburgers.

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Given: Cambalache Market It is located on Avenida Gran Chimú 1879, in Zárate, San Juan de Lurigancho. And it opens its doors from 1:00 pm If you want to know more about its options visit the Instagram profile @mercadocambalache_lima.

Grilled ceviche.  (Photo: Joel Alonzo / @ photo.gec)

Aviation Market

This is the first mercado All You Can Eat of the country and is located in San Borja. Here we find four brands with very different concepts from each other but just as delicious and creative. The first is The Mexican, where you can enjoy dishes like tacos, burritos, nachos and quesadillas. The second is Big Maki, which offers sushi food porn, where they turn makis into classics like hamburgers, burritos and hot dogs. The third is Cheat Day Burger featuring a menu from American smash burgers. Finally, it is Square Pizza with amazing versions of the ‘Detroit Style’ pizza.

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Given: Aviation Market It is open in the salon from Monday to Sunday, from noon to 11 pm, at Av. Aviación 2983, San Borja. To make a reservation, you can call WhatsApp 947185919. Learn more about the space on your Instagram account @MarketAviation.

(Photo: Jorge Cerdán / GEC)

La Colonial Market

In this note you can learn more about three of the thirteen alternatives offered by this market, the first of its kind in Callao. Thus, we find El Pichito, a restaurant dedicated to the best of gastronomic cuisine; Embarcadero 41, which offers classics of marine cuisine such as ceviche, rice with seafood and squid pork rinds; and La Panrrilla, who specialize in hamburgers and other must-see snacks.

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Data: La Colonial Market It is located inside the Mall Plaza de Bellavista (Av. Óscar R. Benavides 3866, Callao) and opens its doors from 12:00 pm every day, including Sundays and holidays. Learn more about the proposal on Instagram @colonialmarket.

Fernando Arévalo, chef and owner of El Pichito.  (Photo: Renzo Salazar / GEC)


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