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The one-euro meals offered until Christmas to precarious non-scholarship students

Good news for students in a precarious situation who are not scholarship holders: a one-euro meal will be offered to them by the Crous until Christmas, with no income condition. “The message is really to address the Crous who can offer this meal for scholarship students, but also for all students in precariousness”, commented the Minister of Higher Education on South Radio, inviting students not to remain isolated.

After Christmas, the student file will be “studied” by the Crous to find out if this rate can continue to be offered to them.

“No question of cutting back on the portions”, according to the minister

Asked about the reduction in the quantities of the meals of certain Crous of which students complained, in Rennes in particular, the minister assured that there was “no question of cutting corners on the portions”.

The state fully compensates for the one-euro meal to finance the price difference: “It costs him 50 million euros in 2023,” said the minister.

Since taking up her post, Sylvie Retailleau has taken other measures to deal with student precariousness such as the increase in APL, the revaluation of scholarships, or the freezing of Crous rents. “We are aware that this is not enough,” admitted the minister. The introduction of 1 euro meals in university restaurants was announced in early 2021 by Emmanuel Macron, in the face of the health crisis.

Source: 20minutes

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