PoliticsAfter being appointed to the great seaport of Marseilles,...

After being appointed to the great seaport of Marseilles, Castaner becomes the head of the Mont Blanc tunnel.


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And two! Three days after his appointment by decree to the supervisory board of the major seaport of Marseille, former Minister of the Interior Christophe Castaner was appointed this Friday by decree of the president of the board of directors of Autoroutes et Tunnel du Mont Blanc.

This appointment was predicted on November 7 by Politico. “This faithful Emmanuel Macron should also lead another cross-border tunnel, Frejus. The choice of a single president for these two companies has been practiced since 2012 in order to coordinate their work,” our colleagues wrote then.

150,000 gross per year?

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This dual or even triple appointment could revive accusations of “revision” that have already been leveled against other former ministers of Emmanuel Macron. If being on the board of directors of the major seaport of Marseille is a voluntary activity, the chairmanship of the Autoroutes et Tunnel du Mont Blanc company entitles you to remuneration.

François Hollande’s former minister, Thierry Repentin, told Dauphine Liberet that the dual chairmanship of the board of directors of Autoroutes du Mont-Blanc (ATMB) and the French Frejus Tunnel Company (SFTRF) had earned him €150,000 gross per year. “This amount is disproportionate to those practiced in companies of the same size in the private sector, with the same level of responsibility, including criminal,” he assured.

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Source: Le Parisien

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