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A doctor files a complaint against Nicolas Dupont-Aignan for defamation

General practitioner Jérôme Marty, president of the union of the French Union for Free Medicine (UFML), lodged a complaint against the president of Debout la France (DLF), Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, for comments deemed “defamatory” against doctors , announced the doctor on Twitter this Saturday.

Criticizing the possible forced departure of Didier Raoult from the IHU Méditerranée in Marseille, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan attacked other doctors this Saturday: “Professor Didier Raoult saved lives by treating the sick early: he was fired. . The others have thousands of deaths on their conscience by confining them to their homes with Doliprane and they strut in the media, ”he said on Twitter.

“This little band in power”

A message which immediately made the general practitioner, Jérôme Marty, react: “Mr. Dupont-Aignan you have just publicly brought the most serious accusation that is against our corporation by defamatory remarks. I will therefore have the honor to file a complaint against you under the UFML, ”he replied on Twitter in the wake.

“We have accepted a lot for months, policies of which you are, which relay antiscience, fake news, and obscurantism. Today you do more than insult us, ”continued the doctor who practices in Fronton (Haute-Garonne). “We are going to seek compensation for the damage for each insulted doctor, for each patient instrumentalised. We will not let you go, know it! “, He added, calling on his colleagues to join in his complaint.

The sovereignist candidate for the 2022 presidential election said on Sunday in a video posted on Twitter that he was not impressed by “this small band in power”.

“I am ready for all trials on Earth,” he added, referring to another complaint filed against him by emergency doctor Mathias Wargon.


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