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Pension reform: towards “new mobilizations” after 49.3

Will the government’s introduction of 49.3 give momentum to mobilize against pension reform? “There will be new mobilizations” against pension reform, CFDT general secretary Laurent Berger said Thursday, denouncing the “democratic vice.”

“Obviously, there will be new mobilizations, because the protest is very strong, we already have a lot of reactions from the union teams. Together we will make a decision in the inter-trade union,” said Laurent Berger. No new mobilization day has yet been set after Wednesday afternoon.

Immediate mobilization near the National Assembly

Trade union leaders, seeing the approach of 49.3 pension reform, warned of a tightening of the protest movement in the event of the application of this article. “The InterTrade Union urgently asks you, on behalf of the huge social and popular movement that opposes the increase in the statutory retirement age, to vote against the reform project,” the trade union said earlier.

As soon as Elizabeth Bourne announced that she would use number 49.3 for the project, hundreds of people gathered outside the National Assembly. As soon as Elizabeth Bourne was announced, more than 1,500 young people began to demonstrate, joined by trade unionists, in order to get into the National Assembly. The CGT also announced that it occupies the entrance to the Ministry of Culture. The Unions also managed to enter the Hotel de la Marine on the Place de la Concorde.

Source: Le Parisien

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