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Violence during demonstrations: Sandrine Rousseau, Macron and Darmanin ‘look for an incident’

Still just as sharp. Greens MP Sandrine Rousseau on Monday accused President Emmanuel Macron and Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin of “pursuing the incident” and using “debauchery of means” to counter the violence during the demonstrations, which she also condemned. “I condemn all violence, but there is a responsibility to maintain order (…), there is a responsibility of political power,” said a member of the Public Senate two days after very violent clashes that confronted demonstrators and police in Sainte-Solin in Deux-Sèvres. The protester was between life and death on Sunday.

“It’s not the same as giving orders to throw up to 4,000 grenades (…) and the responsibility of the demonstrators who were there to defend the common good”, the water continued Ms Rousseau, for whom “there were violent personalities, that’s undeniable “.

Politics of “bullying”

“This is a waste of funds, (…) a policy of intimidation, and I wonder to what extent there is no desire on the part of Gerald Darmanin and Emmanuel Macron to look for an “incident”. She pointed “for a while” to “a change in the policy of maintaining order at the demonstrations, which has become much tougher and more violent than it used to be,” also referring to the incidents that have graced recent anti-pension rallies.

According to her, Germany and England, where there were very violent hooligans, changed their police policy, “and today the demonstrations are going well.” Sandrine Rousseau urged the Minister of the Interior to condemn “the violence of his police, and not to say that it is individual fatigue “and disband Brav-M, a motorcycle-based militia unit to enforce order involved in this violence.

Source: Le Parisien

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