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In the midst of the controversy surrounding the Medina, Edouard Philippe will not travel to the EELV summer days.

Will it come? Will not come? After several days of delay, Edward Philip finally made up his mind. According to our information, the mayor of Le Havre, a guest of the “Ecology of Europe – Greens” summer days organized in his city from this Thursday, will not go for good. Rapper Medina’s highly controversial participation in a debate organized by environmentalists is questionable after remarks deemed anti-Semitic.

“Edouard Philippe will not go to the EELV summer days, but will greet a certain number of elected officials who have asked to meet him at the town hall in a republican way and with pleasure,” the former prime minister is content with a sober explanation of the environment. Philippe was originally invited to take part in the opening of the Days as mayor of the host city, “and just to say the words of welcome,” one of them explains.

Eduard Philip knows Medina well

But the new scandal that tarnished the reputation of the rapper hit this program as well. Namely, a message published in early August on the social network X (formerly Twitter), where he called the essayist Rachel Khan a Holocaust “rezhanpi”, while the latter is Jewish and the granddaughter of a deportee.

Faced with protests, Medine of Le Havre then apologized and assured that the questionable pun was not directed at “(Rachel Khan’s) family or the victims of the tragedy of the Holocaust”.

The rapper and Eduard Philip know each other well. In his book Men Who Read (ed. J.C. Lattes), published in 2017, the former prime minister even puts it this way: “The medina is not just a city. Medine is a rapper from Le Havre, from the Corrioville area where several bands originated. He is very attached to his city and with a certain tenderness wrote a work testifying to this. »

He adds: “In short, a figure from Le Havre who is widely known outside of Le Havre… Who, looking back, I am ashamed to say that at a certain time I had not heard. A boxing enthusiast, Édouard Philippe is also well aware that Medina’s father runs a boxing gym in Le Havre himself.

In order not to add fuel to the fire (on this Monday EELV Bordeaux mayors Pierre Hurmik and Strasbourg Jeanne Barseghian announced that they would not go to their party’s summer days), Philippe was not present and therefore will not be. Instead, he will nonetheless receive a few select Greens “at their request”, as his cabinet claims, in his office at the town hall. Namely, the mayor of Lyon, Gregory Doucet, the mayor of Grenoble, Eric Piol, and the deputy from Europe, Karima Delli.

Source: Le Parisien

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