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Environmental planning: Left disappointed with Elisabeth Bourne’s presentation, LFI boycotts

“This environmental planning is still the longest communication plan in history! ”, mocks Europe’s number one environmentalist – the Greens (EELV), Marine Tondelier. After months of anticipation, Prime Minister Elisabeth Bourne, on the morning of this Monday, September 18, invited the heads of political parties to present to them the general contours of the executive’s “environmental planning”, the main measures of which will be announced by Emmanuel Macron. September 25.

Since leaving Matignon, mistrust has prevailed among the left. While Marine Tondelier welcomes the “very complete, very clear and completely unprecedented observation” compiled by the state, she adds that she now awaits action from the government. “Until we have any budget implementation, it’s hard to believe,” she said.

“To manage is to plan, but for Born, to manage is to disappoint, even if you don’t expect anything,” argues PS first secretary Olivier Faure when PC number one Fabien Roussel says “without illusions.”

“We already had the President of the Republic and his twelve hours of debate.”

La France Insoumise coordinator Manuel Bompard simply boycotted the meeting in Matignon in favor of a back-to-school seminar for Nupes deputies organized in Ivry (Val-de-Marne).

“I do not agree that we are strengthening initiatives to circumvent parliamentary work,” explained the Marseille deputy. This topic is planned to be discussed by deputies. We already had the President of the Republic and his twelve hours of debate. Madame Bourne may be having a competition with him, but I’m not particularly interested in participating in that. »

In Ivry, a Socialist deputy regrets this one brilliant blow. “In these types of meetings we try to coordinate the actions of the Nupes parties. It’s a comeback their different paths. »

“We expect not only inventory, but also action.”

Marine Tondelier, who regretted that the topic of ecology was kept to a minimum during the meetings in Saint-Denis on August 30, received assurances from the Prime Minister that the topic would not be forgotten. “After twelve hours without talking about the environment, I was a little touched, and Born noticed it,” admits the EELV national secretary. She said : You’ll see, we’ll do environmental planning, you’ll calm down. »

The chairman of the group of environmental deputies, Cyriel Chatelain, insists on her party’s stimulating role. “If environmentalists had not repeated that not talking about ecology is complete nonsense, there would not have been this meeting with Born, who raised this topic,” assures the Iser deputy. We see that Emmanuel Macron is not very interested in this topic. Now we are waiting not just for inventory, but for action.”

In the presidential camp we promise a “very specific” and “very operational” plan, in particular details of the distribution of the additional 7 billion euros promised for 2024. % net greenhouse gas emissions in 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2050. France has missed its 2022 net greenhouse gas emissions target, according to the latest version of the Climate Energy Observatory, published last Thursday.

Source: Le Parisien

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