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Hamas hostages, humanitarian aid to Gaza… Why the Emir of Qatar is received so majestically in Paris

He is a key player in the Gaza hostage issue and more broadly in negotiations between Israel and Hamas, which begins a two-day visit to Paris this Tuesday. Qatar’s Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani receives Emmanuel Macron on his first state visit – the highest level of protocol – since his accession to the throne in Doha thirteen years ago. “Qatar is especially working to free the hostages, which is a priority for the President of the Republic, since three of our fellow citizens are still held hostage in the Gaza Strip,” the Elysee Palace emphasizes.

Last November, during a truce that allowed the release of dozens of hostages, Emir Al-Thani, influential in the Palestinian Islamist movement, whose political leadership he hosts, insisted on including the French in the agreement (four of them released them). A person close to the matter told Le Parisien newspaper that Hamas initially resisted, considering France’s position too favorable towards Israel. By being the object of such a display of magnificence, Qatar confirms that its very ambiguity, being both close to the planet’s radical Islamists and a partner of the West, gives it its most important status.

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Source: Le Parisien

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