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New Caledonia: Macron expected in place, Philippe “hopes” for statements “at the proper level”

Like a surge of pressure. “I hope that the statements of President Macron, who is going to New Caledonia, “will be in accordance with the situation,” Edouard Philippe said on Tuesday evening during a public meeting in Bayonne (Pyrenees-Atlantiques).

“The situation is terribly sad and dangerous. France, which has a difficult relationship with its colonial history, has the opportunity to find an original solution, even if it is more difficult than it was three months ago,” the former prime minister added.

Emmanuel Macron is due to fly to New Caledonia on Tuesday evening for a “mission” there, more than a week after the outbreak of unrest unprecedented in nearly 40 years in the archipelago, where “the situation is improving” but remains fragile, according to authorities.

“What is most important in New Caledonia is the political agreement between the separatists and the loyalists. This is the priority of priorities,” said the Horizons president, traveling to the Basque Country and Landes from Tuesday to Thursday.

“We need perspectives”

“The political space of this agreement cannot be below the Matignon Agreements or beyond independence, since the people of Caledonia voted against”, and for it to “work”, “a perspective is required: we cannot ask every two years, every five years before us the question is whether we want to stay in the French Republic or not,” he continued.

“We must remember that the Kanak people’s desire for independence and self-determination will never go away. We must find an agreement between stability over time and this aspiration, which, if we deny it, will always be the subject of a violent revival,” insisted the former head of government.

With the third referendum on self-determination in 2021, he said, “we have left the political framework” in which New Caledonia has lived since the Matignon Accords in 1988. This framework was based “on a form of state impartiality, on the idea that all events should be the result of compromise, that is the promise. »

“This does not mean that the state does not have an opinion. The state was a participant in this process, but it had to hide behind a veil of impartiality. It was this foundation that enabled real development from 1988 to 2024 that we can collectively be proud of, despite what is happening today. (…) We must invent the following structure in order to know what New Caledonia will be like in 20, 30, 40 years,” concluded Edouard Philippe.

Source: Le Parisien

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