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European legislative elections: RN targets five MPs in five constituencies

European legislative elections: RN targets five MPs in five constituencies

European legislative elections: RN targets five MPs in five constituencies

The Prefecture of Ayr published this Monday, June 17, 2024, the final list of candidates for the first round of the early legislative elections, which will take place this Sunday, June 30. In a department where four National Rally (RN) candidates defeated candidates of the presidential majority in 2022, mobilization is widespread in an attempt to position itself as the main alternative to, and very often counteract, the far right. presidential majority.

In the first constituency of Ayr, outgoing MP Christine Luard (RN) is trying to retain her mandate. On the contrary, Julien Canin, deputy mayor of Pacy-sur-Hère, was invested on Tuesday, June 11, 2024, by a presidential majority in the presence of European ministers Bruno Le Maire (economy) and Sébastien Lecornu (army).

Also present are Jacques Thalmann, who showed his support for Marion Maréchal Le Pen’s list for the Reconquista in the European elections on Facebook, as well as Anne Ducamp (Lutte Ouvrière), already standing in 2022, and Christine Le Bonte, invested by the New Popular Front (NFP).

Two candidates for Horizons

The second district was won in the 2022 elections by RN candidate Katiana Levavasseur, who is running again. Outgoing MP for 2022 and current mayor of Tilliers-sur-Avre Fabien Guttefard, for his part, announced on Tuesday 11 June that he will not stand for the Ensemble this year “out of loyalty to the residents of the commune, whose [il] every day measures the honor of being mayor.”

The RN candidate will therefore face the unmarked candidate Laura Anne Godard, as well as the socialist Timur Veyry (NFP), Stéphanie Auger (LR/Les Centristes), Mélanie Peyraud (Lutte Ouvrière) and Laurence Braley (Reconquete). This election will also see two candidates from Edouard Philippe’s Horizons party face off: Isabelle Collin, the official candidate, and Edouard Baude, former parliamentary attaché of Fabien Guttefard, who also claims to belong to the party but has not received investment.

In the third constituency, outgoing National Party MP Kevin Mauvier returns to the campaign trail. As in 2022, he will be opposed by Marie Tamarelle Veraga, the Democratic candidate who came first in the first round and lost in the second round, to the centrist Thomas Elexhauser (LR-UDI), a councilor for the Department of Era, who just arrived in 2022. fourth place in the 2022 first round behind Nupe party candidate Doreen Le Pecher. The latter this time is only a replacement for the rebellious Jean-Christophe Turpin (NFP). Also candidates are Didier Daric from Reconquete and Marie-Noëlle Huart from Lutte Ouvrière.

Will the last left-wing constituency remain so?

The fourth constituency of Ayr in 2022 elected the only Nupes deputy in the department in the person of the socialist Philippe Brun. He returns to campaign under the banner of the New Popular Front. He will be opposed by Stacy Blondel (no label), Christophe Solal (Labor Struggle), Patrice Pauper (RN), vice-president of the departmental council of Eure, Anne Terlez (Modem) and Olivier Eastin (LR-UDI-Centrists).

Finally, in the fifth constituency of Ayr, which the PH party also won in 2022, its outgoing MP Timothée Houssin will also be a candidate to succeed him. He will face Frédéric Duchet (Horizons), vice-president of the council of the department of Eure, as well as the ecologist Pierre-Yves Jourdain (NFP), Ludovic Beaujuan (no label), Delphine Blythman (Lutte Ouvrières), Christian Masur. (no label), Colin Prévot du Clary (no label) and David Daverton (LR).

Source: Le Parisien

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