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North Korea: Vladimir Putin was greeted by Kim Jong-un on June 18 and 19

North Korea: Vladimir Putin was greeted by Kim Jong-un on June 18 and 19

North Korea: Vladimir Putin was greeted by Kim Jong-un on June 18 and 19

This is proof of the ties established between Pyongyang and Moscow. Russian President Vladimir Putin will travel to North Korea on Tuesday and Wednesday for a rare visit to one of the world’s most reclusive states, which the West accuses of supplying Moscow with ammunition for its offensive in Ukraine. The two countries, under extensive international sanctions, have significantly strengthened their ties since the Russian attack on Ukraine began in February 2022.

The information, first announced by the Kremlin, was immediately confirmed by North Korea through the official KCNA news agency. The Russian president will then visit Vietnam, another Russian partner since Soviet times, on June 19 and 20.

Kim Jong-un’s visit to Russia 9 months ago

The trip comes nine months after Vladimir Putin welcomed North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to the Russian Far East.

The West says Pyongyang has used its vast stockpiles of ammunition to make massive supplies to Russia, and the Pentagon last week accused Moscow of using North Korean ballistic missiles in Ukraine. In exchange, Washington and Seoul say, Russia provided North Korea with expertise for its satellite program and sent aid to address the country’s food shortages.

videoThe mysterious armored train on which Kim Jong-un traveled to Russia

Ahead of Russian leader Kim Jong Un’s visit this Wednesday, he praised the “unshakable brotherly ties” between Pyongyang and Moscow that go back to Soviet times. During his trip to Russia in September 2023, he had already stated that ties between North Korea and Moscow were his country’s “number one priority.” Vladimir Putin frames his attack on Ukraine and his diplomatic efforts as a fight against American hegemony on the international stage and is proud of the support of the Chinese giant. China is North Korea’s main economic supporter and diplomatic ally.

The route is still kept secret

The itinerary for the Russian president’s visit to North Korea was not immediately made public. The two countries share a land border, which the North Korean leader crossed last year by train. This is the second visit to North Korea by the Russian leader, who last visited North Korea nearly a quarter of a century ago, shortly after taking power, to meet with Kim Jong Un’s father, Kim Jong Il.

Ahead of their visit to North Korea, several high-ranking Russian officials, including the head of the foreign intelligence service Sergei Naryshkin, traveled to Pyongyang. North Korean Foreign Minister Choe Song Hui was in Moscow in January. In March, Russia used its veto at the UN Security Council to stop monitoring violations of international sanctions against North Korea, a major gift to Pyongyang.

Seoul is on alert

Analysts also warn against North Korea intensifying its testing and production of artillery and cruise missiles for future weapons shipments to Russia for its attack on Ukraine.

South Korea said this Thursday that it is “closely monitoring preparations” for Vladimir Putin’s visit to its neighbor, calling on Moscow to “promote peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula while respecting the Security Council resolutions” of the ONU. Seoul has provided significant military aid to Ukraine, which South Korean President Yoon Seok-yeol visited last month, and is taking part in Western sanctions against Moscow.

Source: Le Parisien

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