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Legislative elections in the Marne: all outgoing MPs return to campaign

Legislative elections in the Marne: all outgoing MPs return to campaign

Legislative elections in the Marne: all outgoing MPs return to campaign

Voters will return to the polls on June 30 and July 7 to cast ballots in special legislative elections. In the Marne, the casting of candidates has been known since this Sunday, June 16, 2024, although some have already announced it in advance. At the start, all the outgoing deputies had already gone to the election campaign. One of the first to announce his schedule of public meetings was Charles de Courson (Lio), who was re-elected in 2022 to a seventh term in the fifth arrondissement, combining Vitry-le-François and Cézanne. He then defeated RN candidate Pierre Thionnet in the second round with 63% of the vote.

Facing him on June 30, 2024 will be Joël Bastien (Workers’ Struggle), Thierry Besson, deputy of the RN department in the Marne, as well as the socialist Gaël Padou, candidate of the New Popular Front (NPF). Starting line.

In the fourth constituency (Chalons-en-Champagne), the outgoing MP is Lise Magnier (Horizons). She also won against RN in 2022. And this time the chosen one was able to discover the same pattern in the second round. The races include parachuted RN candidate for Meurthe-et-Moselle Achille Bisiot, as well as Marty Ducanda (Revolutionary Alliance), Chalons-en-Champagne municipal councilor Gabriel Michel (Republicans, LR), rebel Maxence Laurent (FFP) and Laurent Gosso ( “Labor Struggle”)

In the third arrondissement (Epernay), outgoing MP Eric Girardin (Renaissance) will also seek a new mandate. In June 2022, he won the second round with 51.4% of the vote. In 2024 he will face five opponents: Johanna Jabbour (Debut in France), Julien Saint (no label), Charlotte Cormeret (Lutte Ouvrière), Maxime Michelet (RN), a close friend of Eric Ciotti from Chalons-en-Champagne and a communist Chantal Berthelemy (NFP), third place winner for Nupes, in June 2022.

Their third duel in two years since the canceled elections

In the second electoral district (West Reims), Laura Miller (Renaissance) risks again finding herself elbow to elbow with Anne-Sophie Frigou (RN, elected European MP on June 9, 2024), for the fifth time in two years. Anne-Sophie Frigou’s June 2022 election was effectively invalidated by the Constitutional Council following an appeal by Laura Miller regarding ballots found to be ineligible. In January 2023, the latter defeated the RN candidate in the second round with a difference of less than 700 votes.

Stefan Lang (PL), who has already stood in previous elections, will also be there. However, the deputy mayor of Reims has just been sanctioned by Mayor Arnaud Robinet, who recalled his parliamentary delegation for launching a wild poster campaign on the evening of the announcement of the dissolution of the National Assembly. Voters in this constituency will also be able to vote for the rebel Stefan Piruel (FFP), Thomas Rose (Workers’ Struggle), Ghislain Wysoczynski (no label) or Marie Pace (Reconquista).

Finally, in the first electoral district (North Reims), the candidate for his succession is also Xavier Albertini (Horizons). Opposite him is RN candidate Adrien Mexis, who also has the support of Eric Ciotti, while to his left are environmentalist Evelyn Bourgoin (NFP) and Vincent Varlet (Lutte Ouvrière).

Source: Le Parisien

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