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Yuriy Vernydub, Gustavo Dulanto’s DT at Sheriff Tiraspol: “I’m not far from the conflict, I’m not afraid”

Less than six months ago, Yuriy Vernydub, coach of Sheriff Tiraspol, where the Peruvian Gustavo Dulanto plays, celebrated a historic victory over Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu for the Champions League. Today, life puts the technical director in his native Ukraine, from where he defends his country against Russian attacks.

After the visit to Portugal, for the match against Sporting Braga for the Europa League a few days ago, Vernydub did not think twice and, seeing the complicated situation that Ukraine was facing, decided to join the army to face the Russians.

“My son called me at 4:30 am and told me that the Russians attacked us. I knew then that he would come back to the Ukraine to fight.”, Vernydub told the BBC, who refused to specify what role he plays in the Ukrainian militia.

“I do not want to lie. On my way home, I saw many strong men leaving the country. If they come back, I’ll be happy. I understand that they went with their families to Moldova, Romania, etc. Many men have left our area… men from Kharkov, Zaporoje, Lugansk, Donetsk. I understood at that moment that I cannot do the same. I told myself that as soon as I get home, I’m going to go and sign up.”reported the 56-year-old DT.

Vernydub, who has been in command of Sheriff Tiraspol since December 2020, revealed that there were attempts by his family to stop him, but all to no avail.

“People close to me tried to stop me. My wife, my children, my grandchildren. I stood my ground and I thank my wife for supporting me. She knows my character. If I make a decision, I will not change it. We could have gone to Moldova and this option is still open for my children, for their wives, for my grandchildren. But my wife and I, for sure we will stay here”counted.

Vernydub, showing that his life is already in danger, confessed that he is not far from the strongest battles: “Right now I think I’m not too far from the conflict. The toughest battles are probably 120 km from where we are. But I made my decision so that everything is fine. I’m not afraid”.

Among other things, the coach said that he was part of the army when he was young, but in a special unit for sportsmen and pointed out that he is ready to use his weapon.

“Now we are being instructed. At every minute we are ready to go where we are told. I haven’t used my gun yet, but I’m ready, always. Anytime”, express.

Finally, Vernydub did not forget football in his story. “Thinking about football motivates me. Football is my life. I hope this war doesn’t last long. We will win and I will return to my beloved job.” sentenced.

Source: Elcomercio

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