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Tragedy in Querétaro: history and rivalry of La Barra 51 and La Resistencia, two of the most violent bars in Mexico

Human cruelty often exceeds unforeseen limits. In a football stadium, where the show and the healthy passion of sport should prevail, once again violence mercilessly sweeps through every corner of the field. The ball, beyond denying it in a historical phrase, has been stained again. And it has been stained with innocent blood. And there is nothing that can clean it. The tragedy in Queretaro It will go down in history as one of the most unfortunate chapters in the history of Mexican soccer. But it is not the first time that the ‘White Roosters’ bar and the Atlas bar have starred in something like this. There is a history that supports its savagery and that cannot go unnoticed.

The image is very strong. Nude bodies dying – others apparently lifeless – abound with sorrow in the La Corregidora Stadium. The outrage over all this transcends beyond Mexico. And the balance of violence is quite unfortunate.

The heartbreaking thing is that this death toll is confirmed and it is quite likely that it will increase as the hours go by.

Although in recent years different measures and campaigns have been carried out to fight against violence in stadiums around the world, a tragedy like this had to happen to realize that barbarism continues and is on the surface. Not even the precedents of cruelty in Mexico were a reason for learning. Quite the contrary. It is getting worse.

La Barra 51: history and background of violence

The red and black passion was stronger than the bad moment of the club and, since then, a group of quite important encouragement for the team was formed.

In fact, he was the only one the team had when ‘La Barra 51′ was founded. Already recently in 2021 he put an end to his negative streak by winning the Apertura Tournament and adding the second trophy to his record.

This bar was growing over time. It began to have such importance that the other support groups of the ‘Rojinegros’ joined in unison to support at the Jalisco Stadium. If before there were only 10, now there are thousands of members. But not everything is positive.

Unfortunately, ‘La Barra 51′ has been the protagonist of many acts of violence.

In November 2014, the story was similar. In the same scenario, after Atlas is eliminated in the Apertura quarterfinals at the hands of Monterrey,

A year later, some of the members of ‘La Barra 51′ were banned, after they entered the field of the Jalisco Stadium to rebuke the players and the technical command of their club, after losing by a landslide (4-1) in the Clásico Tapatío against Chivas in the quarterfinals of the Torneo Clausura.

In Clausura 2020, Atlas fans staged a new fight with Chivas fans in the stands of the Jalisco Stadium after the final whistle of the match, which ended 2-1 in favor of the “Rayados”. The police made a barricade and were able to stop the violent acts.

The Albiazul Resistance: history and background of violence

The name ‘Resistance’ has to do with a term of war. It is as if the Querétaro brave bar was the vanguard of it in each of its matches. While ‘Albiazul’ is the representative color of the club.

Like ‘La Barra 51′, the ‘Resistencia Albiazul’ has grown considerably in these 20 years and now there are thousands who encourage the Gallos Blancos de Querétaro from the stands.

Of course, it also has a negative history.

In February 2017, soccer players from Querétaro and Pumas wore a shirt with a message of non-violence in the stadiums. However, after the match, five fans of the “Gallos Blancos” were recorded inconsolably beating a Pumas fan in the middle of an avenue.

Two years later, in the 2019 Opening, members of the ‘Albiazul Resistance’ faced the Atlético San Luis supporter in the middle of the match that their team won 2-0 and that had to be suspended due to violence in the stands with sticks , stones, and bottles, which put everyone present at risk.

The rivalry between La Barra 51 and La Resistencia Albiazul

Although the history of both bars is quite negative with everything detailed, it is still necessary to mention the acts of violence that they staged between both groups of fans from long ago to the present.

The entire conflict began in 2007. That year, Querétaro was fighting for its permanence in the First Division of Mexico and its rival on the last date was none other than Atlas. With the victory of the ‘Rojinegros’ by 2-0, the relegation of the ‘Gallos Blancos’ was inevitable and the annoyance broke out in the stands.

This rivalry between the fans of both teams continued in 2010, the year in which Querétaro returned to the highest category. On their return, the ‘Gallos Blancos’ won a local match against Atlas and the ‘Resistencia Albiazul’ took their revenge from the stands.

Then, in 2013, Querétaro and Atlas met again in a key match to avoid relegation. The match ended in a goalless draw, which was more beneficial for the Red and Blacks, because with that point they managed to be above the ‘Gallos Blancos’.

With the fury of the adverse result, members of the ‘Albiazul Resistance’ attacked the ‘Barra 51’ with bottles, cans and stones. So, the police had to intervene in the confrontation, which caused several injuries, some damage and even fires outside the stadium.

Nine years later the barbarism has continued. When the 61st minute of an attractive match was running at the La Corregidora Stadium, problems began with the Atlas and Querétaro bars in the stands. The meeting had to be suspended, but the situation never calmed down. Quite the contrary.

In short, this problem is not of now. It has been intensifying for several years and little has been done to stop it. The violence is red hot and not only with ‘La Barra 51’ and the Albiazul Resistance. It is a general and structural problem, to which very few solutions have been given.

MEX7390.  QUERÉTARO (MEXICO), 03/05/2022.- Fans from Querétaro and Atlas face each other at minute 62, where families had to be sheltered on the field, during a game corresponding to matchday 9 of the Clausura 2022 Tournament of the MX League of Mexican football at the Corregidora stadium in the city of Querétaro (Mexico).  EFE/Enrique Contla

Source: Elcomercio

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