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Russia says it will carry out “high-precision strikes” against Ukrainian military companies

The Ministry of Defense of Russia has warned employees of Ukrainian defense companies of upcoming attacks that will be carried out with high-precision weapons, the spokesman for that portfolio, Igor Konashenkov, reported today.

The Russian Armed Forces will launch attacks against companies in the defense industry “as part of fulfilling the objectives” of what Moscow calls the “demilitarization of Ukraine”, Russian news agencies reported today.

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The warning from the Russian Ministry of Defense comes in advance of the planned attacks on these facilities to avoid endangering the lives of the companies’ employees.

On the other hand, Konashenkov warned that neighboring countries that allow Ukrainian warplanes to be stationed at their bases to be used later against the Russian armed forces risk being considered part of the armed conflict.

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He claimed that practically all Ukrainian aviation has been destroyedwhile saying he was aware that Ukrainian warplanes had previously flown to Romania and other bordering countries.

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The defense spokesman also added that the Russian armed forces discovered evidence of an “emergency elimination” of traces that point, he said, to a biological-military program developed in Ukraine and financed, he assured, by United States.

Thus, employees of biological laboratories allegedly reported the emergency destruction on February 24 of particularly dangerous pathogens such as plague, anthrax, tularemia, cholera and other deadly diseases.


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