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Peru vs. Paraguay: the first game they played in Lima and the emotional tribute they paid to the victims of an earthquake more than 80 years ago

The same day that Adolf Hitler was preparing his speech for the sixth anniversary of the Nazi Government, our team achieved its first victory at home against Paraguay. On January 29, 1939, the bicolor thrashed the Guaraní cast in the National Stadium from Lima. This victory occurred during the third day of the XIII South American Soccer Championship (now Copa América).

That international tournament was only played by five South American teams: PeruEcuador, Paraguay, Chile and Uruguay. Argentina and Brazil did not participate in the event. Weeks later, the bicolor team was crowned champion of the competition by beating the Uruguayan team 2-1. This was the first America Cup that the white and red won. Lolo Fernandez He finished as the championship’s top scorer with 7 goals.

Unconditional support

On the afternoon of Sunday, January 29, 1939, thousands of people came to the National Stadium Lima to enjoy the third day of the XIII South American Soccer Championship (now America Cup). The day began with the match between Uruguay and Chile. The match ended with a celestial victory by 3 to 2.

Hours later, more than 30 thousand spectators packed the stands of the Lima colossus. Several high-ranking national sports leaders and prominent Peruvian personalities arrived at the official boxes. The heat was suffocating. There was great expectation to see the Peruvian team. a victory against Paraguay It left us with serious chances of winning the tournament.

The Uruguayan team wore a black headband on their arms and the southern team wore a black crepe on their flag. In this way, they stood in the center of the field and a minute of silence was observed. This is how the flags of both countries were raised at half-staff.

Several police officers from the Security Guard, international leaders and Peruvian soccer players also participated in the ceremony. At the end of the tribute, a loud ovation was heard that surprised the Chilean delegation. Then everyone went back to the dressing rooms. Moments later, the Paraguayan team was the first to take the field at the Lima venue.

The Guarani team jumped onto the grass with a Peruvian flag and a pennant from their country. Also with a bouquet of flowers. Then the captain of Paraguay, Jacinto Villalba, went up to the box and gave the offering to the young Lucila Larrabure. Afterwards, the bicolor left the field accompanied by the ovation of the public. This is how the captains of each team exchanged pennants.

Gunner’s goal

That afternoon, the red-and-white formed with Honors; Fernandez, Chappell; Tovar, Pasache, Castillo; T. Mayor, Lolo Fernandez, J. Mayor, Bielich and Paredes. The Paraguayan cast lined up Gonzáles; Lescano, Invernizzi; Ibanez, Villalba, Ayala; Barrios, Godoy, Mingo, Ortega and Aquino. The match referee was the Chilean Sigfrido Vargas.

Moments in which the team captains exchange pennants in front of the Chilean referee Sigfrido Vargas.  (Photo: GEC Historical Archive)

The first minutes of the match were for our team, who had a clear scoring chance after a powerful shot from Lolo Fernandez that hit the crossbar. This is how the bicolor began to take over the match, showing a precise, technical and fast game. Until then, the visiting defense prevented the result from being revealed. It wouldn’t take long for that to happen.

9 minutes into the first half, the ‘gunner’ Peruvian opened the scoring with a powerful shot with his left leg after a precise cross from Bielich. The Guarani goalkeeper froze before the shot. Joy took over the stands of the José Díaz. The bicolor forward was intractable. This made the Paraguayan defender Invernizzi He began to play with excessive violence. However, Peru kept attacking.

At 30 minutes, the scorer from University of Sports to score the second Peruvian goal with a spectacular volley after a precise combination with Walls. His classmates only managed to hug him after seeing this genius. The National Stadium was a hubbub. The audience couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Image of the first Peruvian goal.  (Photo: GEC Historical Archive)

after so much, Paraguay he reacted with some sporadic attacks. Invernizzi continued to play rough and the visiting strikers could not get past the Peruvian defence, which was well planted. Almost at the end of the first half, the tough Guaraní central defender took a ball on the goal line to avoid the third national goal. This is how both teams went to rest.

Goleada in the colossus José Díaz

The second half began without changes in both teams. moments later, Walls almost increases the advantage for Peru with a shot that went wide. This woke up the visiting cast that began to take advantage of the speed of their forwards. The Peruvian defense was secure and managed to contain each of the Guarani attacks. The game went back and forth. The bicolor had lost intensity in the attack.

Minutes later, Theodore Mayor he left the field of play injured and was replaced by Adelphus Magellan. As soon as he entered, the Peruvian striker received a hard foul. However, he was able to continue playing. Right away, Lolo Fernandez he nearly scored again after taking a free kick that went just over the crossbar. He also had a goal disallowed after chesting the Paraguayan goalkeeper when he was on the goal line catching a cross.

Postcard of the second goal by Lolo Fernández.  (Photo: GEC Historical Archive)

At 79 minutes of complement, George Mayor he scored the third and definitive goal after finishing off the ball with an empty goal after a great pass from the ‘gunner’. Paraguay he tried to discount the marker but could not. After the final whistle, the captain of the Peruvian team, Raul Chapellwent up to the stadium box and received a trophy donated by the charge d’affaires of ParaguayOscar Esculis.

Title Candidates

After receiving the award, the Peruvian players went to the changing rooms of the Lima stadium. Everything there was joy and enthusiasm. everyone congratulated Lolo Fernandez for scoring two goals in the match. The scorer was interviewed by a chronicler from Trade. There he confessed to being satisfied with the victory: “We knew that the whole of Peru was watching our performance, and our efforts were aimed at achieving a victory, which favored us. Everyone did well, and I repeat, we won because we defended the prestige of Peruvian soccer, and I think the public has seen soccer today”.

also stated George Mayor, the other national scorer. The Peruvian striker said that the team only thought about achieving victory. In addition, he revealed that they would try to beat Uruguay to win the international tournament. Something that for the technician of Paraguay, Manuel Fleitaswas most likely: “We have lost to the logical champion of the tournament. the victory of Peru it was deserved. They outplayed us and displayed quality football. The Paraguayans did their best to avoid defeat, but the best team prevailed”.

The captain of the Peruvian team, Raúl Chappell, received the trophy donated by the Government of Paraguay.  (Photo: GEC Historical Archive)

Weeks later, on February 12, 1939, the Peruvian team beat Uruguay 2-1 in the National Stadium and he was crowned champion of the international tournament played in Lima. What’s more, Lolo Fernandez He finished as the tournament’s top scorer with 7 goals.


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