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A smash with the handle of his racket, Alexander Bublik innovates (but loses) in Miami

It’s the type of shot that you only attempt if you have a huge lead in the score, or when you are on the pick-up. In the case of Alexander Bublik, we were more in the second scenario. Opposed to the Norwegian Casper Ruud, in the third round of the Miami tournament, the Kazakhstani had lost the first set and was already showing a monster delay in the second (4-0).

So, even if it means losing, you might as well do it with panache. Following a magnificent setback, returned somehow by Ruud, Bublik released a smash, to say the least original. After assessing the situation, he spiked the ball with the handle of his racquet. A little surprised, his opponent still managed to return the ball, but Bublik finally released a more traditional smash to conclude the point in force.

It all ended with a big smile, and a little apology to Ruud, who didn’t take it the wrong way at all. A little easier to accept when you win the match, it must be said. It’s beautiful, sport.

Source: 20minutes

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