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Missed penalties, red and goals in stoppage time… Paris FC, or the subtle art of complete scuttling


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At the Charléty stadium,

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There is no squirming, when it comes to losing football, the French capital has no equal in the world. After PSG and its multiple fiascos in the Champions League over the past ten years, it’s time for Paris FC, which has managed the feat of stringing together a fourth elimination in the play-off in five seasons (after 2017, 2019 and 2021), after his new defeat, Tuesday evening, against Sochaux.

And like PSG in Madrid a few months earlier, the Porte de Choisy shadow club didn’t need anyone to spoil their match and let slip a victory that was in their hands. Because we will say things as they are, if this Sochaux team has had a season beyond its own expectations, with a young group carried by magnificent supporters, this team has offered almost nothing on Wednesday evening which can make AJ Auxerre tremble next Friday.

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This was also the opinion of Thierry Laurey, whom we waited for ages at a press conference before finally resolving to pump his words into the microphone of BeIN Sports: “I don’t yet understand how we could have lost this match , especially since Sochaux was harmless. After a quarter of an hour, the match must be folded. But it’s football, when you have to kill the beast you have to do it. I feared Sochaux’s start to the match, and in the end it was us who hurt them very much. I congratulated the guys because we had a great match. »

Scoumoune FC

This is indeed the whole paradox of this summer evening, in an unusually boiling Charléty stadium: Paris FC really made a good impression on us and, after a thunderous first quarter of an hour rewarded by the opener from Siby, the Blues of the capital have managed to get their feet in the carpet on their own. By first missing two penalties – copied and pasted, off target to the left of the post – in the space of ten minutes before losing their most dangerous player to injury, then taking a red following a bad tackle controlled and, finally, by conceding the goal of the equalizer (46th) while the referee was about to bring everyone back to the locker room.

At that time, with so much scoumoune, it was difficult to see how the scenario could have been reversed. And finally on a shot blocked after additional time (93rd), just to finish the table well, which the Parisians definitely cracked. Crossed in the mixed zone after the match, cool, tap dancing, Sylvain Demarconnay preferred to smile. Sometimes, you don’t even have to try to understand.

“I felt there was too much against us. And it does not date from today, breathed the Parisian goalkeeper. Last week, Khalid Boutaïb who was crusading, three weeks ago it was the vice-captain who broke his Achilles tendon… There, we lost Gory when it was he who set fire to the side at the start of the match, we miss two penalties. And even the red, it is cruel for us because Mouss slips just before. Well, we had bad luck in a season when we had the weapons to seek the first two places. »

Charléty, a potato field in Finistère or both?

Let’s still linger two seconds on these two missed penos, if you don’t mind. Two different shooters (Name and Alfarela) eight minutes apart, and twice a ball low to the ground on the left which goes off target. It’s not every day that we witness this. “I don’t mind that we miss some but at least that we frame…”, reacted Laurey after the match. He may see things differently by replaying the game with a clear head and talking with his goalkeeper.

“In the second half, when I arrived on the field, I looked at the point of penalty and I understood a little why they could have missed, he explained. Even if that does not excuse everything, there was a big crater at the level of the penalty spot… When you have such a pitch… As difficult as that, it does not help the hitters. “It’s true that Charléty’s pitch was more District pitch than Ligue 1. Anyway, Ligue 1 won’t be this time around. Even if Demarconnay wanted to be optimistic when concluding: “Despite everything, the club has worked well, we have progressed, even if we still cannot pass this stage of the play-offs. But if the club continues to work so well, one day it will be our turn. »


Source: 20minutes

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