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Colombia dreams of the World Cup: if FIFA sanctions Ecuador for the Byron Castillo case, ‘coffee growers’ would have a chance

The case Byron Castillo remains unresolved and the teams involved await the final ruling of the FIFA. This time, the Colombia selectionwho so far has not spoken, believes he has a small chance if they take away the points from Ecuadoraccording to the journalist, Carlos Antonio Vélez.

“If they punish Ecuador tomorrow, it does not mean that they award points to Chile, there must be two different demands. The first, the questioning of Ecuador for the illegal alignment of a player and the other, which does have terms, is to claim the points. It seems that this demand (points) was not presented by Chile. There are terms to ask for points”expressed Vélez in Planeta Fútbol de Antena 2.

“There are two episodes: the deduction of points if FIFA considers that Ecuador failed, but they are not automatically assigned to Chile. If Chile did not sue and did not request or claim the points within the terms stated in the regulation. 48 hours after the match. The points are removed, but they are not awarded because there is no claim in the legal terms”he added.

“Colombia has not claimed and will not claim anything, it admits that it is eliminated, but it has to wait for the court ruling. Once the ruling is known, a determination will be made. It’s not a false expectation or anything. If they remove the points from Ecuador, there are many ways to replace it. And one of those routes, with a 1% chance, could fall to Colombia”he asserted.


“As recently confirmed by FIFA, the Chilean Football Federation has filed a complaint with the FIFA Disciplinary Committee, in which it presents various allegations about the possible falsification of the documents that grant Ecuadorian nationality to the player Byron David Castillo Segura. , as well as the possible non-compliance of said footballer with the call criteria to participate with the national team of the Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF) in eight qualifying matches, corresponding to the preliminary phase of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

In view of the foregoing, FIFA has decided to open disciplinary proceedings in relation to Byron David Castillo Segura’s possible breach of the call criteria for the indicated matches. In this context, the FEF and the Peruvian Football Federation have been invited to present their positions before the FIFA Disciplinary Committee.

Source: Elcomercio

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