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José ‘Puma’ Carranza prevents the goal through a strange way in a football tournament 7

José Luis ‘Puma’ Carranza has hung up his boots professionally for more than 17 years. However, the idol of Universitario de Deportes, who was national champion with the cream shirt eight times, continues to play in charity and friendly tournaments.

The former midfielder disputes the Soccer Legends Cup 7 which is held at the ATE Ollantaytambo Complex. On this occasion, he stole the limelight from the cameras and the audience, although not for a play. The former soccer player avoided the rival’s goal with a peculiar way.

During the match between Universitario and El Papá, Juan Montenegro was going to kick a penalty into the goal defended by Juan ‘Chiquito’ Flores. However, when he was about to finish off, the ‘Puma’ took off his shoe and threw it with great aim at the ball.

Said action caused the ball to move and the player to shoot nonchalantly. For their part, the attendees in the venue began to laugh, while the footballers of the red cast claimed the referee for what the idol of the cream team did.

Then, the ‘Puma’, who received a yellow card, picked up his shoes and retired to the substitute bench. Despite the yellow card he received, José Luis Carranza left the stadium happy as his team won 5-2.

Source: Elcomercio

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