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Ricardo Gareca: “The disappointment is logical for having been left out of a World Cup”

It was not achieved and the penalty was shown by everyone, including the coach of the Peruvian National Team. Ricardo Gareca was shown, this Monday at a press conference, hurt by not having been able to qualify his team for the Qatar 2022 World Cup and, therefore, not having given that joy to the fans. In addition, he did not confirm his continuity with the red-and-white.

“These are difficult feelings to express. We had expectations of being able to arrive. We were close but unfortunately it didn’t happen. It was a very tight game, with a lot of scoring and few scoring chances. We didn’t want to go to a penalty shootout. The boys left everything. The disappointment is logical for having been left out of a World Cup”, were the first words of the strategist at a press conference.

And he added: “The only thing that overwhelms us right now is pain. The bitterness of not being able to access. We were good, we worked well, but the match was not given to us. We were not fine in our game, due to a tactical job that the rival did. The boys responded physically, despite everything. Peru showed its best version in the supplementary. When we get to Lima it will be time to rethink many things. I have the game in my head that is spinning around me. It’s time to be calm.”

The DT of the ‘Bicolor’ was also consulted about the rival and if he saw superiority on the pitch. “I did not see them superior at any time. They had some other situation, but the game was controlled. They had us controlled to a certain extent, but as the minutes went by, the boys were able to find the match”, pointed.

Ricardo Gareca also referred to the Peruvian fans, who were present at the Qatari venue. “The feelings right now are one of frustration and pain. We are overwhelmed by everything, because we know of the support of the people. The sacrifice of coming here, from so far away. I know what mobilizes the Peruvian National Team. In that aspect, all the boys know it, the work team, and it is a great disappointment. We wanted to give you that possibility. Unfortunately, we were not given he pointed.

Finally, the Argentine strategist was consulted about his continuity on the red and white bench. However, he pointed out that it is not the right time to bring up the subject. “This is not the time to talk about it. I can only express my pain, the pain of the boys. This time of decisions have to be analyzed and dealt with in a calm manner”, finished.

Source: Elcomercio

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