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Microsoft: Teams improves your calls through artificial intelligence (AI)

microsoft has used artificial intelligence to improve the experience in calls and video calls in its service teams with new tools that allow you to eliminate the echo effect and reverberations.

Some voice and video calls through services like Teams echo. This effect usually occurs when a participant does not use headphones but depends on the computer speakers to listen to another colleague, whose voice, coming from the speaker, is recorded by the microphone.

This process results in the person speaking hearing their own voice on the call, which can be disconcerting and disruptive. And to avoid this, the company has used artificial intelligence and machine learning to cancel the echo.

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This cancellation works at the moment when the speaker reproduces the voice of the person who is speaking on the other side of the screen, when the microphone begins to record it, to remove it from the audio that comes out of this last element.

The AI ​​has also improved sound quality in meetings by removing reverberation. The machine learning model “converts any captured audio signal to sound similar to speaking into a short-range microphone,” as Microsoft explains on its blog.

New features that cancel echo and reverb in calls and meetings in Teams have started rolling out to Windows and Mac PCs and are coming to Android and iOS “soon.”

Source: Elcomercio

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