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What Peruvian product does the Australian goalkeeper consume: this was posted on Instagram

Andrew Redmayne returns to monopolize the attention of the Peruvians. Through his official Instagram account, the goalkeeper of the Australian team referred to Peru in which he mentions an edible product. What did he say?

As you remember, the athlete who plays for Sydney FC of the A-League eliminated Peru from the World Cup playoff after saving Alex Valera’s penalty.


“Delivering some fresh beans,” he said in the description of his publication and in which he is also accompanied by a package of Peruvian coffee.

On the other hand, in the product ingredients you can see what it contains: orange marmalade, black tea, caramel, mango and apricot.

Capture: Instagram

This was what the Australian goalkeeper said after ruling out his visit to Peru

A few months ago, Andrew Redmayne She surprised everyone after she stated in an interview that she has no plans to visit our country in the future: “We were worried here. We recently saw some images and we thought you were in Peru, in a bullfight. You are number one in that country after the World Cup repechage,” said the journalist. To which Redmayne admitted: “Going to Peru is off my wish list”accurate.

Source: Elcomercio

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