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What is known about the case of the plane that crashed into a house in Florida and caused the death of two people

Two died when a plane crashed into a house in Florida in a freak accident that paralyzed the US state. Investigations by the National Transportation Safety Board into the cause of the crash are still ongoing.

The plane crashed into the roof of a house located in Broward County, Florida. The family was completely surprised by the impact, although at first they thought it was an electrical problem.

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Due to the risk it represented for the population, the police closed traffic in the area and momentarily cut off the power supply.

The identity of the two occupants of the ship who lost their lives has not yet been revealed.

“I heard that big noise right above us. I thought it was the transformer, but I grabbed the baby and when I got out I saw the plane on top of the roof,” he said. Manyerenis Morenothe woman who lives in the house, in statements collected by the international media.

According to the authorities, the plane named “Aventura II” took off from North Perry Airport, in Pembroke Pines, at 11:30 a.m. (local time) on Monday and about 15 minutes later it hit the residence located at 2200 Jamaica Drive.

Moreno and his two-year-old son were inside the house, but fortunately they were unharmed despite the strong impact. She was at the exact spot where I crashed the plane ten minutes earlier.

On TV cameras, people who live in the neighborhood are seen going out in search of answers. They believed, at first, that it was a common vehicle crash.

As it fell, the aircraft became entangled in electrical power cables. This may have contributed to the rapid death of the crew.

“I heard that the engine stopped and the plane started to turn around like that without a sound, and then it came back on for a while and then it started to go down and I lost sight of it,” explained one of the witnesses to the Local10 medium.

Authorities diverted pedestrian traffic and evacuated nearby residences, seven houses in all, due to a fuel spill.

The electricity company Florida Power and Light (FPL) suspended electricity service to 35 customers as a precautionary measure.

Video footage showed the plane brushing against power lines that sparked on contact moments before it fell. In turn, teams of rescuers from the Miramar Fire Department are seen trying to extract a person from the canbin.

The plane was left with the front part between a fence and a house, but one of the wings appeared on the roof.

Source: Elcomercio

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