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Alianza Lima and the keys to the Clausura title that bring it closer to the national bi-championship

If a few days ago many fans had lost hope in the Closing, today they are all overjoyed by the title won in the Matute. And is not for less.

The victory against ADT (2-0), with goals from Hernán Barcos and Pablo Míguez, ensured not only the conquest of this tournament, but also direct qualification to the national final after having finished the regular season in second place in the table accumulated.

Now the team of ‘Chicho’ Rooms will have to wait for the winner of the tie between Sporting Cristal and Melgar to face the definition of the title. Meanwhile, we briefly analyze the keys that made the ‘intimates’ consecrate themselves in the Clausura and are just one step away from the glorious bi-championship.


1. Hierarchy on campus

Lima Alliance has lifted the trophy Closure largely thanks to the hierarchy of its campus. In the current season, the intimate squad has had notable experience referents, who have been important in reaching the top in the Closing.

The contribution and leadership of players like Pablo Míguez, Wilmer Aguirre, Josepmir Ballón, among others, has been totally fundamental. But it is Hernán Barcos, 38, the veteran who has stood out the most. “Barcos, Míguez, Ballón are the backbone together with Campos and Concha”summarizes the journalist Jorge Vélez.

With 18 goals and seven assists, the ‘Pirate’ has starred in a dream campaign and, in fact, is only one goal away from reaching Luis Benitez as the top scorer in the championship. To win the Clausura, the Argentine contributed 10 invaluable goals and, therefore, there is no doubt that he has earned his renewal at full throttle.

2. The ‘Chicho’ and his quarry

Guillermo Salas took the reins of the intimate team at a time of great uncertainty and anguish, hit by the defeat in the classic against Universitario and with few chances of winning the Clausura.

In fact, only one victory in five games determined the departure of his predecessor, Carlos Bustos, so -then- ‘Chicho’ took on the enormous responsibility of reversing the situation and giving the fans hope of winning the Closing.

Guillermo Salas led Alianza Lima to the Clausura title Photo: Jesœs Saucedo / @photo.gec

In nine games played, the 48-year-old coach proved to be equal to the Alliance bench. He recorded eight wins and only one loss, thus making Alianza consecrate itself in the second tournament of the year.

“Alianza improved a lot with the entry of Chicho Salas after the departure of Bustos. He opted for a midfield with greater defensive power to play key games like in Cusco and Ayacucho”, journalist Jorge Vélez tells us about the intimate technician. And he adds his contribution with the youth. “He is a DT who transmits a lot and lives the matches. He also recovered Valenzuela and gave Pinto a chance, both of them were released by Bustos ”sentence.

In the midst of the positive streak, Salas made the team’s promising youth squads officially debut, such as Juan Pablo Goicochea and Sebastien Pineau. In addition, he was strongly committed to giving more minutes to youth players like Óscar Pinto and Oswaldo Valenzuela, who responded positively on the pitch.

3. Powerful home and away

Lima Alliance it did not shrink anywhere. In Matute he exploited his virtues 100% and outside of his fort, he always tried to measure up and win. In fact, the intimate team was the one that added the most points at home in the entire Clausura (25 of 30), registering eight wins, one draw and one loss. With Guillermo Salas, specifically, he won all his matches in La Victoria (5).

Away from home, things haven’t gone bad either. In fact, Alianza established itself as the second best visitor to the Clausura -only behind Cristal- with 17 points obtained, product of five wins, two draws and one loss. Led by ‘Chicho’, the Blue and Whites only fell in Trujillo (against César Vallejo), but they achieved three key victories in Jaén, Cusco and Ayacucho, which allowed them to reach the top of the tournament.

“Chicho Salas’ contribution was absolute and fundamental. He marked a seal in terms of tactics. Especially when Alianza Lima played at home. High pressure was a registered trademark that allowed him to resolve matches quickly in Matute. And in the most important visiting games, his planning and strategy was vital and gave results ”highlights the journalist Javier Sáenz.

Alianza Lima celebration in Ayacucho Photo: Jesús Saucedo / @photo.gec

4. Scorer and the least scored

A necessary virtue to highlight in ‘Chicho’ Salas’ Alianza is their constant pressure from the start of the games, especially in Matute. The push of the fans is important in this aspect. Even in the 15 goals that were celebrated at home with this coach, nine were in the first half and four before the first 10 minutes. Awesome.

Now, taking into account the numbers for all of 2022, the intimate team stands out as one of the top scorers, having celebrated 59 goals, of which 31 of them were in the Clausura. And not only that, the Blue and Whites can also boast of being the team with the least goals scored of the season, conceding only 26 goals in 36 games. In the Clausura, they suffered 10 goals in 18 games.

Photos: Jesœs Saucedo / @photo.gec

In summary, Alianza Lima was a great specialist in taking care of his goal (18 unbeaten times) and a lot has to do especially with the goalkeepers of the squad. If Angelo Campos is not there to safeguard the goal, there is Franco Saravia.

5. The sacrifice of the team and the support of the fans

From the oldest to the youngest, everyone put their grain of sand in Alianza Lima for the conquest of the Clausura title. Even in the most adverse moments, the team remained quite united. And when it was necessary to sacrifice, none hesitated to do so.

As Hernán Barcos himself did in the match against Ayacucho FC, putting on the goalkeeper’s gloves in difficult minutes for the ‘intimate’. And, of course, under the three sticks he responded at the height of the player and person that he is.

“The unity of the group and its conviction to think match by match was vital in the final part of the championship. That allowed him to win eight of the last nine games that he played in the tournament and therefore depend on himself in the last two dates ”says the journalist Javier Sáenz.

Ayacucho, October 25, 2022 LEAGUE 1 / DATE 18: Match valid for date 18 of the closing tournament of the Peruvian soccer first division championship between the teams: Ayacucho FC and Alianza Lima.  Photo: Jesus Saucedo / @photo.gec

Last but not least, another very special reason for the recent success of the Alliance has to do with the unconditional support of the fans. Every weekend -also in the middle of the week- the Matute looked completely full. Even when the team was not having a good time, the stadium continued to fill up.

The drive, the unity, the good spirits and the great sporting level of the team in various aspects caused this Alliance of ‘Chicho’ Salas today to touch the 25th title in blue and white history. Now it’s time to go for that star in the national final.

Matute full Photos: Leonardo Fernández / @photo.gec

Source: Elcomercio

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