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Handball: Champions League winner PSG plans to change coach at the end of the season

PSG won on November 23 at home against the Danish champion Gudme (41-36). After 7 games (6V, 1D), Paris is still one step away from reaching the Champions League quarter-finals directly in the group stage. Remember that the first two of the group – Veszprem and Paris this time – will qualify directly, the next four will have to go through the always difficult round of 16.

Without Luka Karabatic (caviar) or Elohim Prandi (abdominal injury), but with Nikola Karabatic returning from a concussion, PSG had a difficult evening (16-16, 30s). Without any famous player, the Danish club was more than valiant. To get through in front of 2,708 people, Paris relied heavily on their Danish goalkeeper Yannick Green’s save collection (17).

But this Wednesday evening, information was buzzing, released a few hours earlier by the team, saying that coach Raul Gonzalez would not be retained at the end of his contract, which runs until June 30, 2023. The club hasn’t confirmed anything other than that. there is indeed a very high probability. Arriving in 2018 to replace Noka Serdarušić, the Spanish manager who won the Champions League with Vardar Skopje, extended in March 2021 until 30 June 2023, should not go beyond. “At the moment I’m in Paris, I’m focused on the season and everything else doesn’t matter. I have nothing to comment on, ”the Spanish coach answered at the end of the game. Two indexes support this trend.

First, in a very closed hand trainer market, Raul González Gutiérrez would already have an outlet. The Hungarian club from Szeged will vacate their bench in 2023. After 10 years, Juan Carlos Pastor, a close friend of Gonzalez, will hand her over. It’s official. Discussions between the latter and the club have already begun. If this is confirmed, it will not be a closet for the current PSG coach. The new wealthy Szeged is very ambitious and wants to be a Champions League candidate in the next 5 years. And Raul Gonzalez is one of the best coaches in the world.

Secondly, PSG are eyeing another Iberian manager: Javi Pascual. The current manager of Romania managed Barça from 2009 to 2021. With Barcelona, ​​he won three Champions Leagues. He is one of the best in the world in his position. Francophile, speaking our language perfectly, he led Nikola Karabatich in Catalonia from 2013 to 2015. At a time when the three-time Olympic champion is considering whether to continue his career, the upcoming arrival of a coach he respects and respects can be a strong argument. However, there is a small problem: the 54-year-old Iberian coach has a contract with Bucharest until 2024. But the contract can always be terminated.

“Better not, but he is a hard worker”

A respected man, charming, discreet, elusive and an outstanding tactician, Raul González Gutiérrez is always unanimous in the corridors of Coubertin: “Since he was there, Thierry Omeyer slipped at the start of the season, PSG have won more than 85 times. % of his matches in all competitions. Who can say better? Raul has an impressive consistency of results. He offers continuity in the PSG game and on a tactical level he is really, really strong. There is no better, but he is a hard worker. »

However, when his contract expires in 7 months, the 1996 Atlanta Olympic bronze medalist will spend 5 years as a player on the bench in Paris. Whatever the section, this is a record loan spell on the PSG bench since the club’s takeover by QSI in 2011. He has won everything: four league titles, winning all matches in 2021-2022, two French Cups … Yes, everything except the Champions League. He didn’t even make it to the final. In Paris, this is a shortcoming that is rarely forgiven. Will he win it in 2023? It’s obviously possible, but this time Paris, which lost its leaders last summer (Hansen, Remilly, Gérard…), is not one of the favorites. Lifting the trophy in Cologne in mid-June will be even harder than usual.

Waiting to know if Nikola Karabatic will continue it or not until 2024 with a focus on the Games – this time it will be up to the player – Paris seems to want to start a new cycle. This could be done with the new squad and without some current players such as Spaniard Ferran Sole and Latvian giant Dainis Kristopans, who will also arrive towards the end of their contract in 2023 and who have not (yet) been renewed.

Source: Le Parisien

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