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War in Ukraine: Marine Le Pen no longer wants France to supply Caesar guns to Kyiv

France should stop deliveries of Caesar rifles to Ukraine because it cannot “help Ukraine (…) at the expense of (her) own security,” Marine Le Pen said on Wednesday. When asked by CNews whether Paris should stop supplying Caesar cannons to Kyiv, the leader of the National Association of Deputies, who was known to be close to Moscow, replied: “Yes, I think so.”

Eighteen Caesar guns, the flagship of the French artillery, with a range of 40 km, were sent to the Ukraine, with six more to follow shortly.

“To help Ukraine as much as we can is an honor, but we cannot do this at the expense of our own security, the security of our people,” the far-right official said.

Marine Le Pen wants to donate training and body armor instead

“All the equipment that we are transferring to Ukraine today is the equipment that France lacks,” and “the supply of heavy equipment that our armies need is a weakening and a risk to our internal security,” she added. However, she said she was in favor of “transferring know-how, training, protective equipment, bulletproof vests” to the Ukrainian army.

In conclusion, Marine Le Pen believes that “today we are not able to wage (war) at the level of efficiency that our army should have, its ability to act, its human potential.” capacities”.

Since the start of the conflict, France has provided 18 truck-mounted 155mm Caesar guns with a range of 40km (the mainstay of French artillery), anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles, an advanced armored vehicle, fuel, personal vehicles and about fifteen 155mm towed guns. TRF1 to Ukraine.

Source: Le Parisien

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