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Cristiano Ronaldo: Why do you need to rule Manchester when you are the King of Portugal | OPINION

Historic for its imposing naval fleet, the Portuguese have the best captain in command of the ship of their dreams: Cristiano Ronaldo. Goal, new record and three points to say present in the World Cup Qatar 2022. Why do you need to rule Manchester when you’re the King of Portugal. Without a team for three days, but throbbing with his selection a new World Cup, the last of his career if he wins, he confessed.

It was confirmed that in Qatar 2022 there was not a bar. Apparently there is no VAR either. At least not in Portugal vs Ghana. All of us who celebrate Cristiano becoming the first human being in history to score in five World Cups in a row (a total of 8 since Germany 2006), we cannot leave the chops in our eyes and accept that the penalty that he himself changed for goal had an initial foul that could be reviewed on the video arbitration cameras.

On the other hand, the control room seemed to be at lunchtime and in combo they ate an attack by Seidu on Joao Félix at 60 ‘, and five minutes later they also did not question the exaggerated fall of ‘CR7’ inside the Ghanaian area. All arbitration responsibility fell on the decisions of the American Ismail Elfath, who became a trend in all social networks since yesterday afternoon.

This is how Portugal won, also with goals from Joao Félix (78′) and Rafael Leao (80′), and discounts from Ayew (73′) and Bukari (89′). A 3-2 that could have ended in horror from goalkeeper Diogo Costa, who at minute 100 released the ball in his area near the feet of Iñaki Williams and almost caused the great meme of the first day of the World Cup.

the last joy

One had to intuit, at least, that time is fierce when we live from nostalgia, from the presumption that the past was better and that the present has the daunting task of continuing to make us all happy. That is why it leaves us knockout that Messi loses, that Germany kneels, that Keylor Navas receives 7 goals and that Cristiano has a hard time being the active scorer that millions of us want him to be.

He kicked only three times at goal (the goal, one saved shot and another deflected). We can talk about his effectiveness, but we miss his forcefulness.

The cameras focused on the face of ‘CR7’ in the singing of the hymns. Some tears welled up. He knows that this is the last chance to become eternal, to make his fans happy forever.


Source: Elcomercio

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