SportsThe rumor that grows and disappoints: "Messi physically is...

The rumor that grows and disappoints: “Messi physically is for four points”


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The resounding loss to Saudi Arabia brought down Argentina in the betting. In all the houses in Europe, the Albiceleste was second paying 6.50 euros. Now she is seventh and returns 10. Brazil was the favorite paying 6.50, but after the victory over Serbia their dividend is 3.30. And Spain, which did not appear at all, after its 7-0 draw is fourth behind Brazil, France and England.

Japan, for their part, not only gave the note by beating Germany, they also turned the score around. We do not remember games in which the Germans were winning and the rivals had the mettle to send them to the canvas. He talks not only about a good game, but also about temperament and personality. The same one that the boys from Saudi Arabia showed to turn the game around for the Messi Boys.

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Those that do not take off are the African teams. They lost Senegal, Morocco, Cameroon and Ghana. Tunisia barely tied. One point out of fifteen. Thirty years ago the rise of football in Africa has been proclaimed, which always remains the same. Not because of bad raw material, because then they go to Europe and are successful, or they are nationalized by multicultural teams (France, Switzerland, etc.) and they do well. Switzerland beat Cameroon 1-0 with a goal from Embolo, a striker born in Cameroon, raised in France and Switzerland for immigration reasons. Like him, there are hundreds with similar stories. So the permanent stagnation in Africa is for organizational reasons, not football. And for the record that they have the best physical biotype at a time when the incidence of this item is very serious.

A disappointing rumor coming from the Argentine camp: Messi, who returned to training differently from his teammates, is physically unwell. He already arrived in Qatar badly and a pain in the adductor aggravated. “He is physically in four points”, although he will play the same, they say in his environment. A pity, we thought that he could have a good World Cup.

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Source: Elcomercio

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