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Do you want to travel to see the knockout phase of Qatar 2022? Know here how much it will cost you

The football festival began and with it the illusion of witnessing the World Cup live and direct, so here we tell you how much it would cost you to go to Qatar to see your favorite team facing the qualifying round and live all the experience that surrounds it. to a sporting event as big as this one.

However, keep in mind that the trip implies a significant expense considering flights, lodging and tickets to sporting events. In this note, find out the approximate amounts to visit the Arab country.

Ángela Ruiz Díaz, Country Manager of the travel agency,, indicated that due to the early travel date and the high demand for the World Cup, prices rose, and it is not ruled out that they continue to increase or vary.

How much does it cost to travel to Qatar from Lima?

For those who travel from Peru, the transfer to Doha implies making one or even two stopovers since only Brazil has direct flights to the Arab country.

According to the aforementioned agency, currently, In Peru, the cheapest tickets oscillate around US$ 3,887 per person (S/ 15,081 according to the current exchange rate), The ticket is round-trip and includes a personal item (backpack), hand luggage and a 23-kg suitcase in the hold (round-trip), it also includes taxes and administrative expenses. Keep in mind that the conditions change according to the airline, price and availability.

Likewise, each person will be able to choose between the cheapest option and the fastest option, the first of which indicates that the travel time could be approximately 27h 15 min one way with a stopover in Miami and 35h 35 min return, with two stopovers. in New York and Miami.

While the fast option offers flights with approximate times of 21h 55 min one way with a stopover in Miami and 21h 20 min return, with a stopover in Madrid. Likewise, by optimizing travel time, this alternative presents prices between US$ 7,442 and US$ 8,208 per person (S/ 28,874 and S/ 31,847 respectively)

For its part, the Kayak agency offers tickets from S/14,594. According to the portal, this ticket allows the outbound trip to be made in 26h 50 min with two stops in Miami and Houston, while the return time would be 26h 15 min, with a stopover in Miami.

But if what you want is just to go live the emotion of the world cup finalRuiz Díaz, points out that for the date of December 18, prices drop because they are quoting in advance.

The specialist indicates that from December 16 to 20 the ticket to Qatar would be US$ 3,475 (S/ 13,378, taking into account the current exchange rate).

How much does accommodation in Qatar cost?

Hotels, like airfare, are considerably cheaper if purchased in advance.

But if you just decided to travelAn alternative is to purchase travel packages through agencies, in relation to this, the Country Manager of the web portal indicates the availability of flights and lodging on World Cup dates.

We offer flight + hotel packages on any of the dates, but for the final, traveling from December 17 to 21, the cost is US$3,748 per person. In a 3* hotel that includes breakfast, it should be noted that the aforementioned cost includes the 4 days of lodging”, he points out.

Also, you should know that on the official website of the Qatar 2022 World Cup you can find a variety of accommodation from cruises to apartments and the famous fan villages in the Qatari desert, which stands out as the cheapest option compared to other accommodation on the portal.

The price of one of these cabins for two people ranges from $207.36 per night with two single beds. They have bathroom, air conditioning, fridge, Wi-Fi, restaurants and DJ.

These villas are located in Zafaran, Ras Bu Fontas and Rawdat Al Jahhaniya, on the outskirts of Doha.

How much are the tickets to watch the World Cup matches?

In addition to the multiple expenses of air tickets, lodging and transportation. The cost of tickets to witness the matches must be taken into account.

Through the official FIFA platform you can buy tickets. The “last minute sale phase” is currently open for online purchases and will run until December 18, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Final.

There are four categories, the first three are for the general public, but the fourth category is for Qatari residents and citizens only.

Given this, the prices of the three categories that foreign fans can access are: category 1 (US$220), category 2 (US$165) and category 3 (US$69) tickets.

Next, we present a table with the ticket prices of the different meetings. Please note that prices are quoted in Qatari riyals and include all applicable taxes.

What means of payment can be used in Qatar?

For those traveling to the World Cup, the first payment option is to use cash, and currently one riyal is equivalent to US$0.27.

As for plastic money, Visa payment cards are the only accepted payment method for Qatari residents. Visa cards will be accepted for international fans to make their payments at various establishments.

Source: Elcomercio

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