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Brazil: at least 10 dead and 7 injured in police actions in favelas of Rio de Janeiro

Police operations carried out this Friday in favelas of Rio de Janeiro They left at least 10 dead and seven injured, according to information released by official sources.

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The events occurred in three favelas of this Brazilian city in which the authorities sought to stop criminal actions related to theft of cargo vehicles and drug trafficking.

Among the dead, a young civilian was the victim of stray bullets.

Most of the victims – six dead – lost their lives in an exchange of fire between the police and the alleged criminals in the Juramente favela, a poor neighborhood in the north of Rio.

Another suspect who was injured in the same action is recovering in a hospital and is out of danger, as is a uniformed man who also received a bullet wound to the hand.

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According to the Military Police, agents carried out operations in that favela to suppress drug trafficking and criminal actions in the community.”

In the action, the policemen seized two rifles, four pistols, a grenade and an undetermined quantity of drugs.

In another operation carried out by agents of the Civil Police and the Military Police in the complex of favelas of Maréalso in the northern part of the city, a 24-year-old man who worked as an app driver died the victim of stray bullets.

Reports indicate that at least five more people were injured in Maré, including a uniformed man.

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In total, there were 13 communities in La Maré in which the uniformed officers carried out actions.

Three tons of marijuana, a rifle, a pistol, a revolver, two grenades and eight stolen cars They were seized during the operations.

The third police action that left fatalities took place in the “Morro do Estado” favela, in Niterói, in the Rio metropolitan area, where three suspects died and two more were injured.

According to a note from Police Battalion No. 12, agents who were patrolling the area were alerted to shots inside the favela and, upon going to the place, were greeted with shots, which started a confrontation.

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Clashes between the Police and criminal groups that dispute control of drug trafficking are frequent in the most impoverished areas of Rio de Janeiro, punished by violence.

However, in recent years there have been actions by uniformed officers that have left a high number of deaths, several with no links to criminal actions, which has been denounced by NGOs as a violation of human rights.

This year, between May and July alone, 43 people died in this type of operation, 25 in the Vila Cruzeiro favela and another 18 in the “Complexo do Alemao”, and in May 2021, in another action carried out by the uniformed in the community of Jacarezinho28 people died in another police raid, the deadliest in Rio’s history.

According to a study by the NGO Fogo Cruzado, from 2017 to date, 250 police operations have been carried out in Rio de Janeiro with a balance of 1,008 fatalities.

Source: EFE

Source: Elcomercio

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