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How long will Neymar be back? Doctor explains about the injury suffered by the Brazilian number 10 in Qatar 2022

Less than 24 hours after Brazil will show in Qatar that joy is theirs after defeating Serbia 2-0 at the debut of World Cup Qatar 2022, Tité ordered an open training for family and friends. A job focused on those who did not play against the Europeans. Less than 24 hours after the premiere in style with a double -the second was a great goal- by Richarlison, the substitutes and some headlines like Vinicius Jr. jumped to the pitch at the Grand Hamad stadium. But neymar No.

The owner of the most viral ankle in the history of social networks He stayed at the hotel for the Canarinha physiotherapists to deal with the injury that took him out of the match against the Serbs after 80 minutes and set off the alarms of a team that put aside the celebrations and was filled with concern.

“Today became one of the most difficult moments of my career. Again in a World Cup. I am injured. It hurts, but I’m sure I can go backwrote the ’10’ on Instagram, recalling that in Brazil 2014 he had to leave the tournament prematurely after a knee from Colombian Juan Camilo Zúñiga and Russia 2018 arrived without rhythm after a metatarsal fracture that left him off the pitch for three months.

The results returned a sprained ankle. In fact, the images of him, first seeing his right foot with the swollen area to the point of resembling a tennis ball and then crying on the bench went around the world. In addition, according to the doctor of the Brazilian team, Rodrigo Lesmar, there was a small bone edema.

According to Opta data, the Iranian referee Alireza Faghani whistled 14 fouls against Serbia. Nine of them went to Neymar. That is, 64%. No footballer, no matter how dribbling or “theatrical” he may be, received so many fouls on the first date of the World Cup. In fact, since 2014, the year of his first World Cup tournament, the attacker is the player who has been offended the most times with 53, a notable distance from the others: Hazard (42) and Messi (36).

From the moment he twisted his ankle until he decided to lie down on the pitch asking for his change, eleven minutes passed in which the PSG star played enduring the pain. For the heat of the moment, of the game, and for the pride of being the ’10’ of Scratch. But it could have been worse.

Neymar: the explanation for his injury and how true is the medical prognosis

After having the results of the MRI in his hands, the doctor Rodrigo Lasmar pointed out that Neymar suffered “an injury to the lateral ligament of Neymar’s right ankle along with a small inflammation in the bone.”

What does that mean? July Degreesa traumatologist and orthopedic doctor who accompanied the Peruvian team and some of the most representative clubs in the country from the bench for almost three decades, spoke with Sport Total to give us some scope, going a little deeper, from a medical perspective and from the outside, what happens to Neymar and remembering other cases.

“Almost 95% of ankle sprains are lateral because the athlete’s foot always turns outwards and all the lateral ligaments are injured. It must be taken into account that the ankle is very noble, it is a joint that responds very well to treatment, but it is difficult to guess deadlines, days, if it will arrive or not. points to Degrees.

“I have had players with an ankle sprain like the one that Neymar seems to have and they have played after four or five days. But I don’t like to forecast. It depends a lot on the day to day, on how the player evolves ”Add.

The countdown indicates that neymar, the brightest star in the constellation that is Brazil, has about a week to recover and be in a hypothetical round of 16 match. Reach?


Source: Elcomercio

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