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World Cup 2022: By defeating Canada, Croatia offers ‘final’ against Belgium

The finalist of the last draw, Croatia, remains alive in this 2022 World Cup. In danger after the first draw against Morocco (0-0), 2018 Ballon d’Or teammates Luka Modrić should definitely win against Canada this Sunday. A successful mission for the Croats (4:1) after being led by the early Canadians, scorers after two minutes of play. On Thursday (16:00) the “final” of the qualification in the 1/8 finals between Croatia and Belgium will take place. . Canada is eliminated and simultaneously play their last match against Morocco.

Game: Canada fell asleep

The “old” Croats are still there! Modric, Perisic, Kramaric, Brozovic, Lovren and a gang of 30s managed to beat Canada this Sunday in their second match at this World Cup in Qatar. Stunned from the start by a goal from Alphonso Davies (2nd), the fastest in the competition, they did not lose their heads. Moreover, they even quickly got the better of the quick-tempered, but too inexperienced Canadians.

The Livay-Kramaric duo hit the Canucks, who luckily could count on their goalie Borjan’s parades (22nd, 35th) or the assistant referee’s flag (26th). But Kramaric (36th), and then Livay (44th) could have been rewarded right before returning to the locker room. A logical takeover as they managed to lull Canadian youth to sleep.

After the break, the scenario repeated itself. With the exception of a distant opportunity by Jonathan David (56th), Canada has never been able to equalize. On the contrary, Croatia managed to score a point thanks to Kramarić’s brace (70th). The account could have been harder without new stops from Boryan (77th, 78th). The fourth goal was finally signed by Renne Lovro Mayer after extra time (90 + 4).

Player: Andrej Kramaric

The striker from Hoffenheim (Germany) did not pay for the bad attacking game of his ward in his debut against Morocco (0:0). Another holder, a man with 76 caps, however, was replaced to the right of the attacking trident, in support of Marco Livay’s tip. Choice in favor of coach Zlatko Dalić, as Kramarić and Livaya scored. The first scored twice, while he was involved in the gate of the second, being at the beginning of the action.

Much more active and present in the game than against Morocco, Andrej Kramaric is one of the men in this game. In the second period, the world vice-champion buried Canadian hopes by scoring a new goal from the left (70th), his 22nd in the tackle. He could score a hat-trick without an offside goal (26th) or a Borian save (54th).

Quantity: 1

Alphonso Davis is Canada’s all-time World Cup Finals top scorer. It’s only the Canucks’ second appearance since the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, but they haven’t scored in four games. In Qatar, the same Alphonso Davies missed a penalty against Belgium (0:1). In 1986, Canada lost to France (0-1), future semi-finalists Hungary (0-2) and the Soviet Union (0-2). But Davis’ goal is “in vain”: after his defeat, the Canadians are already dropping out of this World Cup.

Source: Le Parisien

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